5 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring Tree Service Experts

Our tree service experts here at Chippers Tree Service has years of experience performing tree trimming services, tree removal services, stump removals, and much more. We have the knowledge and experience to back up our services, but many tree companies out there don’t. Whether you’re worried about a big tree that is leaning towards your neighbor’s house or you just want to get rid of a decaying stump, you need to call in the professionals.

Hiring a local tree company is not as simple and straightforward as it might appear. It requires a little planning on your part. We want to take a little bit of the burden off your shoulders by providing you with expert tips on how to pick the right company. Discover what questions you need to ask each company before you invest your money in their tree services.

Expert Tips to Help You on Your Search

If you’ve never worked with a tree service company before, finding a repeatable one can be difficult. Before you invest your hard-earned money, you need to read these expert tips to ensure you choose the best tree service company for all your tree needs.

Questions to Ask Your Tree Service Experts Before Hiring

  1. Will they provide you with a copy of the work contract?

We know how stressful it is to read through the fine print, but you should always have a copy just in case. Don’t ever hire a company that doesn’t provide you with a copy of the work contract.

  1. Is the company fully licensed and insured?

It is very important that you request to see the company’s proof of insurance. The company must be fully licensed and insured. Any professional tree service company should have these credentials. If the company is reluctant to show you their credentials, do not hire them. It is illegal to perform tree services without being licensed or insured.

  1. Do they have experienced employees?

The number of employees doesn’t mean they company is experienced. They need to have employees with years of experience performing tree related jobs. Find out how long the tree company has been operating and how long their employees have been with them.

  1. Can they provide you with the latest testimonials.

The only answer the company should give you when you ask this question is “Yes, we can.” If the company is unwilling to provide you with previous customer recommendations, you should never hire them. You should also be able to find reviews of their services online. If the company doesn’t have any, or you can’t find them online, do not hire them.

  1. Do they want full payment upfront?

Steer clear of a company who asks for full payment upfront. You should never the total upfront.

Now that you have a clear idea of how to approach your search for a tree company, now it’s time to get to work. Let Chippers Tree Service do the work for you. We are the best tree service experts in Dallas and are eager to help you with all your tree needs. Call 972-743-9959 for a FREE estimate today!

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Why Emergency Tree Removal Service Is Better Than DIY

Many homeowners don’t realize when they need emergency tree removal services or tree stump removal services or skip them just to save a few bucks. However, tree care work in general is very hazardous and dangerous. Successfully removing a tree requires expert knowledge of tree physics, biology, dangerous tools, and the latest tree removing techniques. Homeowners who attempt to perform their own tree removal can suffer many injuries from falling limbs, malfunctioning equipment, or the tree itself.

Homeowners who are considering removing a tree themselves to save a few bucks should really reconsider, and here is why.

Common Tree Removal Risks Include:


Working near powerlines is very dangerous, and homeowners should always assume that the wires are live. If any tool that is cutting the tree touches the powerline, the homeowner can get electrocuted and knock out the power for the entire neighborhood. Another myth homeowners assume is that the powerlines are safe because they’re coated with a black coating that is insulated, but that isn’t the case. That black coating on powerlines is weather-proofing, but homeowners can still get electrocuted through that weather-proofing material.

Improper Equipment

Cities requires tree professionals to wear protective gear from head to toe for good reason. Tree care professionals are also trained and have years of experience using equipment, such as: chainsaws, sharp saws, ropes, cranes, wood chippers, and more. Homeowners will need to buy or rent this equipment to perform their DIY tree removal, and it requires knowledge and experience to be used. To perform a successful tree removal, homeowners need to know how to properly use this equipment; otherwise, they can be exposed to many dangers.

Decaying Wood

A dead or decaying tree is often dying from the inside out, making it very unstable. Even professionals with years of experience have difficulties removing such trees. If a homeowner notices a decaying or dying tree, they should seek out the services of a professional tree removal company before the tree collapses. There is a critical tree biology process to be understood when removing a Dying tree. This is something professionals know and understand.


Once a tree is cut, no one has control of where it goes. It can fall on top of the person cutting the tree, powerlines, or the home. Poor judgement could cost thousands of dollars and injuries or death.

In short, homeowners should never perform a DIY tree removal. This is a risk not worth taking and will likely cause more problems than if they would have gone with a tree removal company from the start.

Those who need emergency tree removal services should always contact a reputable tree removal company in the area to ensure everyone’s safety.

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Top 3 Reasons to Invest in a Local Tree Removal Company

If you’re like many homeowners, you’re probably adding up the cost of tree removal services and thinking, “Wow! That’s expensive!” But if you knew the risks involved with removing a tree on your own, you would think twice about doing it yourself. There are many reasons why a tree might need to be removed. It could be diseased, dead, or pose a hazard to your home or business. When you have a problem tree that needs cared for, it’s time to call the tree removal experts here at Chippers Tree Service.

Here at Chippers Tree Service, we don’t just provide professional tree pruning services. We do it all, including expert tree removal services. We’ve seen a lot of people attempt handling problem trees on their own, and it rarely ends well. If you think the cost of tree removal is too expensive, wait until we reveal the risks of removing a tree on your own and you’ll never think about tackling this dangerous job on your own again.

1. You’ll Remain Safe

When you’re dealing with a grown tree, it’s safe to say it involves heights and power tools. Of course you might be perfectly capable of handling power tools, but when you add heights to the equation, things can go wrong in the blink of an eye.

What if something goes wrong and you end up suffering the consequences? What if you fall while you’re cutting down the tree and break your bones or end up paralyzed? The same could happen with power tools that malfunction. The cost of going to the emergency room—even for a minor accident—can be very expensive and leave you out of work for a few days, weeks, or possibly permanently.

Chippers Tree Service removes trees on a daily basis, so we have the right equipment, professional knowledge of safety, and cutting edge techniques to ensure we get the job done without anyone getting hurt.

2. You’ll Protect Your Home

Even if you’re just doing a little tree pruning or trimming, a limb can fall on your home or vehicle and cause a lot of damage, which will not be covered by your insurance and will have to come out of your pocket. Miscalculate where to cut your tree and you could be looking at major damage to your home, your neighbor’s property, powerlines—or worst of all yourself, a family member, or passerby. Chippers Tree Service has the expertise to ensure the job is done right. We are also fully insured in the case of any accidents.

3. You Save Time

Removing a tree is a very tedious job that can take days for a do-it-yourselfer. Think about all the time you’ll have to spend removing your tree, then think about all the other things you could be doing with that time.

Here at Chippers Tree Service, we remove trees—large or small—on a regular basis and have the equipment, expertise, and skills to do it in a timely manner. If you don’t have the proper machinery and equipment, things can become very difficult and time-consuming. But if you hire our tree removal experts, we’ll perform your job in a faster, cleaner, and safer way for you.

So now that you know the benefits of hiring a professional company, we know the cost of tree removal won’t hold you back from hiring a professional tree removal company over doing it yourself, right?

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Top 3 Reasons Tree Stump Removal Is the Right Choice

If you’re looking for tree removal companies, then chances are you know tree removal services are a smart decision as a homeowner. Tree stump removal is the process in which a dead stump can be removed effectively from your yard. So whether you’re looking to remove a tree on your lawn or commercial property, professional tree stump removal is an excellent solution—the smartest and safest solution. Let us show you a few of the benefits of removing a tree stump.

1. It Prevents Accidents

A dead tree stump sitting on your property has little to no use. What will it do? It can pose many safety hazards to you or anyone who is visiting your property. If you have children who love playing in the yard, a tree stump poses a tripping hazard.

Roots that are growing out of control can also lead to potential unseen hazards, creating a danger of tripping your children or anyone who is visiting your home. In the interest of safety, you should always remove a tree stump from your yard or commercial property.

2. It Boosts Your Home Value

Many studies show the benefits of having trees on your property. Trees are a great investment—not only for your health and wellbeing—but because they boost the value of your home. Trees bring in beneficial and attractive wildlife and offer a place to enjoy shade during the piping hot summer months. Trees can also provide us with fruit and give us privacy from nosy neighbors. For all these reasons and more, having trees definitely boosts the value of your home.

However, having an ugly dead tree stump in your yard has the opposite effect. It is an eyesore without any practical use. Your home will be less desirable if it has a tree stump. After all, who wants to invest in a property with dead tree stumps cluttering it up? If you remove the tree stump and replace it with a new and healthy tree, the value of your home will skyrocket.

3. It Enhances the Beauty of the Lawn

Occasionally, a nicely kept tree stump that is far away from the home can add a little touch to the scenery as it gives homeowners a place to sit and take in beautiful Mother Nature. But usually tree stumps aren’t far away from the home. They’re usually right in the middle of the yard, right?

Removing a tree stump will enhance the beauty of your lawn and improve its appearance. Plus, it can even boost the value like we said before.

Removing a tree stump can not only prevent accidents and injuries, but it can boost your home value. So with that in mind, if you’re looking for tree stump removal services, don’t hesitate to call us today at 972-743-9959. We’ll be more than happy to provide you with a FREE estimate!

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Top 3 Reasons Homeowners Should Remove Their Tree Stump

Removing a tree stump is easy if a professional does it from beginning to end. Those who have had professional tree and stump removal know how easy and painless the process really is. As long as the homeowner has a good tree company to handle the project, tree removals are generally pretty painless.

Homeowners run into problems when they have to deal with a stump that’s been left behind. A large stump on a property can pose many safety hazards. Those who have stumps left behind need to remove them right away.

Here are a few reasons why removing a tree stump is always a smart idea for homeowners.

1. A Tree Stump Can Become Home to Different Species

Having beautiful trees on a property can be a real treat for those who love trees, as they invite animals—such as birds—and beneficial insects—such as bees and ladybugs. However, once the tree has been cut down, the wildlife that shows up isn’t really beneficial.

For example, a tree stump can become home to termites and carpenter ants, as they use the resources available from the tree stump. However, when the resources run out, they’ll have to look for a new place to colonize and they’ll go to the nearest source, the home. When termites decide to move from a tree stump to a home, that’s when costly headaches will arise. Besides problem insects, tree stumps also attract fungi, which can be very toxic to children and pets.

2. Stumps Can Damage the Property

Even after the tree has been cut down, the roots of the tree can continue to grow for many years. The roots of the tree are very thirsty and will seek out water from wherever they can. They can grow into pipes, cause them to burst and destroy the water supply to the home—or worse, cause major floods. Thirsty roots can also destroy sidewalks and cause them to buckle, as well as many other problems to the home. Many times, the problems caused by the roots remain unseen until it’s too late. This is why homeowners should always remove a tree stump as quickly as possible.

3. Tree Stumps Take Up Space

Homeowners who have big stumps sitting somewhere on their property should know that the area around the stump cannot be used for any other purpose. An area with a tree stump is effectively dead tree space. Homeowners should remove the tree stump to open up room in their yard to plant another tree, put a picnic table, or simply leave it open for their kids and pets to play. But if the tree stump is not removed, that space becomes unusable.

Removing a tree stump isn’t an easy task. Homeowners who are in need of a tree removal should always hire a reputable company to ensure the job is done right.

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Top 6 Reasons Professional Tree Trimmers Do a Better Job

Why spend money on expert tree trimming services  when you feel confident that you can tackle it on your own? The trees outside of your home or business can add a natural touch, in addition to security and privacy. However, your trees must be taken care of in order to keep them healthy and prevent hazards. It’s worth the investment to call a professional tree trimmer.

While regular watering is key for the health of your trees, that’s not all they need. You must ensure they’re regularly trimmed and pruned to remove dead parts of the tree that could prevent the tree from growing properly.

Here are the top six reasons to seek out expert tree trimming services over doing it yourself.

  1. They have knowledge of where to trim and prune.

When it comes to removing dead or damaged parts of the tree, it’s important to know what to look for. Professional tree trimmers do this for a living and can properly identify these areas with ease, whereas an amateur might have problems. While this will save you a lot of time, it also ensures your trees are properly taken care of. In fact, it can even minimize the chance of excess damage that can result from improper pruning and trimming.

  1. They protect your property.

Tree maintenance requires the appropriate equipment and skills to do the job correctly. Whether you need to cut off a single limb or trim your trees, there’s always a risk that something might come falling down on your car or home, leading to damage.

  1. They prevent accidents.

Unless you’re an experienced tree trimmer, getting on the ladder can be very tricky since you’ll be working with tools you normally don’t work with. A professional tree trimmer knows how to properly use ladders and equipment that can be risky for homeowners. A professional tree trimmer is licensed and insured to complete the job, thus taking liability for any accident that happens on your property.

  1. They help detect disease.

Once a disease attacks your tree, there’s a chance it will spread to nearby trees. A professional tree trimmer will know how to properly identify disease and remove it from your tree. This will not only save that specific tree, but it can prevent nearby trees from being infected.

  1. They improve the aesthetics.

A professional tree trimmer has years of experience trimming and pruning trees, which means they will boost the curb appeal of your home and make your property more desirable. By working with a professional arborist, you’ll guarantee your yard looks beautiful no matter the season.

  1. The result of DYI tree trimming can be ugly.

Would you fix your own cavity? Would you cut your own hair? Would you paint your own car? Probably not, since the results would likely be comedic or disastrous. Likewise, do-it-yourself tree trimming and pruning can end in an unpleasant and lopsided appearance for your trees. On the other hand, if you hire a professional tree trimmer to trim and prune your trees, your trees will look more graceful and attractive.

Professional tree trimmers know the right trimming techniques to promote healthy growth for your trees. Since each tree requires custom-tailored care, it’s crucial to hire professional tree trimmers for any of your tree trimming and pruning needs.

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6 Crucial Reasons to Hire a Tree Trimming Company This Fall

When you think of tree trimming in Texas, the first thing that comes to mind is trimming your trees during the summer months, which is absolutely right. You probably think that because your trees are losing their leaves that they’re sleeping and getting ready for the winter. So you naturally think you can’t prune them, right? Wrong! In fact, your trees are very active on the inside and will continue to grow new roots (even during fall), making fall the perfect time for trimming and pruning. So, it’s time to call for professional tree trimming services.

You might dread the thought of going out and trimming your trees, but if you hire a professional tree trimming company, they’ll do the job for you and ensure your trees are healthy for the fall and winter months. The dormant period is a great time to remove diseased or dead branches and even reshape an overgrown plant. Read on to discover the top reasons to invest in tree trimming this fall.

  1. Dormant trimming helps support disease management.

While pruning during the hot summer months can cause certain diseases to spread, a fresh cut in the dormant season makes the tree less likely to spread disease. Also, the presence of certain diseases will be easy to spot by a professional, since the tree is losing its leaves and getting bare.

  1. It sets the foundation for the next spring.

Trimming and pruning when leaves are absent makes it easier to improve the branch pattern and redirect future growth of the tree. Furthermore, if a tree’s trimmed once spring’s already started, the blooming will be limited.

  1. Dormant trimming helps trees sustain the fall and winter.

Trimming during fall and winter will allow you to get rid of any weak or damaged branches and help your tree grow. These branches could potentially break off during the winter and fall on top of your vehicle, home, or a loved one.

  1. Precise cuts are possible.

Leaves will drop throughout the fall season, which will make branches much easier to see. Better visibility will give the tree trimming professional easy access for pruning and trimming, which, in turn, provides the most efficient cuts for your tree.

  1. Dormant trimming will save you time and money.

With cooler weather around the corner, the ground will be harder, which means the tree trimming professional will have easy access to use their equipment. This more efficient method of trimming will save time and money.

  1. Dormant trimming revitalizes.

Pruning during the fall and winter months will help overgrown shrubs create new growth from the base and revitalize them.

Why Have Your Trees Trimmed Regularly?

There are many reasons residential and commercial property owners should have their trees trimmed regularly. Taking care of your trees—no matter the season—will ensure your trees are healthy. When you don’t trim your trees regularly, problems will arise and disease can quickly spread. Many of the tree issues property owners face can be prevented with the simple act of regular tree trimming and pruning.

Trees are vital, not only to the visual appeal of your property, but to provide you shade and privacy during the hot summer months. Tree trimming in Texas isn’t only done in the summer months, because as you can tell, there are many benefits to trimming your trees during fall.

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Signs It’s Time for Emergency Tree Pruning Service ASAP!

As a tree pruning company with many years of experience helping homeowners like yourself, we know it’s not always apparent when you need emergency tree pruning service. Unfortunately, the Dallas-Fort Worth weather can be extremely unpredictable at times and cause a lot of damage for homeowners. We know severe weather can flair up at any time, stirring up storms, lightning, and heavy rain. This is a recipe for disaster that could bring down branches and trees and cause damage to your yard, property, power lines, and even your family or passersby.

Here at Chippers Tree Service, we try to take a preventative approach to every job we do. As certified arborists, we’re trained in assessing your tree’s overall health. We can provide you with the proper pruning your trees need to maintain their beauty and integrity. This way, your trees will be safer during the event of severe weather.

In the unfortunate event that your trees fall, get struck by lightning, or suffer damage due to severe weather, we can provide you the emergency tree service you need.

So how do you know it’s time to call the professionals? Here are a few situations in which an emergency tree pruning service is needed:

  • If you have branches or limbs that are too close to powerlines and are afraid that with heavy winds or rain they’ll fall on top of the wire.
  • If you have a limb on your tree that has started to crack or is deteriorating to the point that it’s about to fall and cause harm to pedestrians, your family, or your property.
  • If trees are starting to grow close to your neighbor’s home and are too close for comfort, one of our experienced arborists can help you decide whether the tree needs to be pruned or trimmed back or if the growth is too much that the tree needs to be removed.
  • If diseased trees are weaker and can introduce pests to other trees on your property. If you suspect that you have an infected tree and are unsure how to treat it, contact one of our experienced arborists for guidance and support.

There are many other instances when you’ll want to call an arborist even though it’s not an emergency tree pruning service that’s needed. Our arborists here at Chippers Tree Service are the best people to call when you have questions about your trees or need one of the following services.

Pruning Large Trees

It’s easy for homeowners to take care of their small trees, but it’s best to turn to the professionals for larger trees. Pruning large trees requires heavy duty equipment to get the job done efficiently and without creating any danger. Tree pruning is a very complicated job that requires the expert hand of an arborist. Over-pruning or under-pruning can be detrimental to your tree’s health and should be avoided at all costs by turning to the professionals.

Removing a Tree

It’s not always easy to tell when a tree needs to be removed, but it’s better to diagnose a tree before it falls. If you suspect that you have a dying or weak tree, call us today. Sometimes a sick tree can be saved, while other times the disease is too much, which means it needs to be taken down from your property before it’s too late. If your tree needs to come down, emergency or not, call Chippers Tree Service and let us take care of this very dangerous job.

Have trees fallen on your property, or do you suspect one is about to fall? If you’re in need of emergency tree pruning service, call 972-743-9959 immediately so our tree specialists can come out and help you right away.

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Everything You Need to Know About Big Tree Pruning

As a professional tree company with many years of experience providing tree pruning services in Dallas-Fort Worth, we know big tree pruning/small tree pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure for local homeowners. Although forest trees grow okay on their own, landscaped trees require a little bit of care and maintenance in order for them to have structural integrity and aesthetics. Pruning must be done by a professional with an understanding of tree biology. Improper pruning of a mature tree can cause lasting damage and even shorten the tree’s lifespan.

Reasons for Pruning Big Trees

Because each cut the tree receives can change its growth, no branch should be removed without good reason. Common reasons for pruning mature trees are to remove dead branches, to improve its form, and reduce risk of a falling branch. A tree might also be prune to increase light and air penetration to the tree’s crown or to the landscape below the tree. In many cases, big trees are usually pruned as corrective or preventative measures.

Routine thinning doesn’t necessarily improve the health of a mature tree. Trees produce a dense crown of leaves to manufacture the sugar they need for energy and growth. Removal of this extra foliage through pruning and trimming can reduce growth and take away stored energy the tree needs. Heavy pruning can and will affect the tree.

There are many other considerations to keep in mind. Safety, clearance, and compatibility with other components of the landscape are also concerns. Proper pruning with an understanding of tree biology is essential to having a healthy tree while enhancing the aesthetics of the landscape.

When to Prune Large Trees

With regular pruning, the dead, weak, and diseased limbs can be taken away. As a rule, growth and wound closure are maximized if pruning takes place before spring. Some trees—such as maples—tend to bleed if pruned too early in the spring. This can cause an unsightly tree, as well as damage to the tree.

A few tree diseases—such as oak wilt—can quickly spread when pruning wounds allow access to pathogens. Susceptible trees should never be pruned during active transmission cycles.

Heavy pruning of live tissue after the spring growth should always be avoided, especially on weaker trees because trees have just expended a lot of energy to produce this foliage. Removal of this foliage can cause a lot of stress for the tree.

How Much Should Be Pruned

The amount of live tissue that should be removed from the tree depends on the tree’s actual size, species, age, and pruning goals. Younger trees can tolerate the removal of a higher percentage of living tissue as opposed to mature trees. Generally, no more than 25% of the crown should be removed at once, especially when it comes to mature trees.

Removing even a single, large-diameter limb can cause a lot of loss for the tree and create a wound that the tree might never be able to heal. Care should be taken to achieve the pruning goals while minimizing large branch loss and wound size.

Higher a Specialist for Pruning Large Trees

While small tree pruning can often be done by the homeowner, big tree pruning is a very dangerous job. If pruning involves working above the ground, it usually means using powerful equipment, which is the reason you need to hire a professional tree trimming company. An arborist can determine the type of pruning necessary to help your mature tree. A professional arborist can also provide you the service of a trained crew that specializes in big tree pruning.

If you’re looking for big tree pruning/small tree pruning, contact our experts here at Chippers Tree Service today by calling 972-743-9959 and taking advantage of a FREE estimate.

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Compelling Reasons For Regular Tree Trimming Services

To Trim or Not to Trim

Owning a home comes with many responsibilities, which includes not only caring for the home but caring for trees by hiring tree trimming services regularly. Homeowners need to be vigilant and careful about every plant, shrub, and tree on their property as they don’t want them to become infested with disease, die due inadequate care, or worse pose any type of danger to people, powerlines, and nearby homes.

This is especially true for large trees. Homeowners can’t simply sit back and let their trees grow wild. Overtime, tree branches die or spread out too much, causing potential danger to people and nearby structures. This is why it’s so important for homeowners to trim and prune their trees on a regular basis.

Why would tree trimming companies exist if they were not needed? Homeowners can’t just plant a tree and let it grow wild. This is why pruning and trimming is essential. But it isn’t just about carving dangers away. Tree trimming and pruning is important for many different reasons, such as:

The Structure of the Tree

When homeowners a tree trimming company to trim and prune their trees on a regular basis, they can pretty much control the way the tree grows. The act of pruning and trimming gives homeowners the power to control the configuration of the tree’s branches and limbs.

Ensuring that the tree has a proper and robust structure can help alleviate the possibility of a falling branch or broken limb. A properly trimmed and pruned tree will be balanced without any improper weight distribution. Trees that are trimmed and pruned on a regular basis will hold their ground better and stand taller with no worries of anything falling. Plus, the trees will always look good.

To Control Pests

Insects and pests are very common on trees, especially when they grow out of control. If not controlled, these insects can pose a serious concern not only to the tree but to the people residing at the home. Some of these insects—like tent worms—live in colonies. They nest in the trees and eat away all the foliage on the property. While most pests and insects don’t actually kill the trees, they do, however, weaken the structure from the inside out.

But homeowners who hire a tree trimming company to trim and prune their trees on a regular basis can alleviate problems with pests. They act of trimming and pruning limits pests and insects from growing into nearby plants and properties, saving the homeowner a lot of money on pest control.

Safety Precautions

One of the number one reasons for homeowners to have their trees trimmed and pruned regularly is to avoid disasters. Nobody wants to be dragged to court because a dead branch from their tree hit a neighbor walking by or fell on top of their neighbor’s car. Or worse, what if one of those branches fell on top of a family member causing severe injury or death? Bottom line is, disease and dead branches are very hazardous for everyone. They can fall off with heavy wind, but by pruning and trimming trees regularly, homeowners can avoid disasters like this.


While it’s important to trim and prune trees for safety reasons, it’s also great for aesthetic purposes. Trees are primary elements of good aesthetics when it comes to the garden and the home. Everyone loves a nicely pruned and trimmed tree.

Tree pruning and trimming should be done carefully as chopping off too much can cause the tree to die. This is why it’s so important to get professional tree trimming services to ensure the best care for one’s beloved trees.

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