5 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring Tree Service Experts

Our tree service experts here at Chippers Tree Service has years of experience performing tree trimming services, tree removal services, stump removals, and much more. We have the knowledge and experience to back up our services, but many tree companies out there don’t. Whether you’re worried about a big tree that is leaning towards your neighbor’s house or you just want to get rid of a decaying stump, you need to call in the professionals.

Hiring a local tree company is not as simple and straightforward as it might appear. It requires a little planning on your part. We want to take a little bit of the burden off your shoulders by providing you with expert tips on how to pick the right company. Discover what questions you need to ask each company before you invest your money in their tree services.

Expert Tips to Help You on Your Search

If you’ve never worked with a tree service company before, finding a repeatable one can be difficult. Before you invest your hard-earned money, you need to read these expert tips to ensure you choose the best tree service company for all your tree needs.

Questions to Ask Your Tree Service Experts Before Hiring

  1. Will they provide you with a copy of the work contract?

We know how stressful it is to read through the fine print, but you should always have a copy just in case. Don’t ever hire a company that doesn’t provide you with a copy of the work contract.

  1. Is the company fully licensed and insured?

It is very important that you request to see the company’s proof of insurance. The company must be fully licensed and insured. Any professional tree service company should have these credentials. If the company is reluctant to show you their credentials, do not hire them. It is illegal to perform tree services without being licensed or insured.

  1. Do they have experienced employees?

The number of employees doesn’t mean they company is experienced. They need to have employees with years of experience performing tree related jobs. Find out how long the tree company has been operating and how long their employees have been with them.

  1. Can they provide you with the latest testimonials.

The only answer the company should give you when you ask this question is “Yes, we can.” If the company is unwilling to provide you with previous customer recommendations, you should never hire them. You should also be able to find reviews of their services online. If the company doesn’t have any, or you can’t find them online, do not hire them.

  1. Do they want full payment upfront?

Steer clear of a company who asks for full payment upfront. You should never the total upfront.

Now that you have a clear idea of how to approach your search for a tree company, now it’s time to get to work. Let Chippers Tree Service do the work for you. We are the best tree service experts in Dallas and are eager to help you with all your tree needs. Call 972-743-9959 for a FREE estimate today!

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Compelling Reasons For Regular Tree Trimming Services

To Trim or Not to Trim

Owning a home comes with many responsibilities, which includes not only caring for the home but caring for trees by hiring tree trimming services regularly. Homeowners need to be vigilant and careful about every plant, shrub, and tree on their property as they don’t want them to become infested with disease, die due inadequate care, or worse pose any type of danger to people, powerlines, and nearby homes.

This is especially true for large trees. Homeowners can’t simply sit back and let their trees grow wild. Overtime, tree branches die or spread out too much, causing potential danger to people and nearby structures. This is why it’s so important for homeowners to trim and prune their trees on a regular basis.

Why would tree trimming companies exist if they were not needed? Homeowners can’t just plant a tree and let it grow wild. This is why pruning and trimming is essential. But it isn’t just about carving dangers away. Tree trimming and pruning is important for many different reasons, such as:

The Structure of the Tree

When homeowners a tree trimming company to trim and prune their trees on a regular basis, they can pretty much control the way the tree grows. The act of pruning and trimming gives homeowners the power to control the configuration of the tree’s branches and limbs.

Ensuring that the tree has a proper and robust structure can help alleviate the possibility of a falling branch or broken limb. A properly trimmed and pruned tree will be balanced without any improper weight distribution. Trees that are trimmed and pruned on a regular basis will hold their ground better and stand taller with no worries of anything falling. Plus, the trees will always look good.

To Control Pests

Insects and pests are very common on trees, especially when they grow out of control. If not controlled, these insects can pose a serious concern not only to the tree but to the people residing at the home. Some of these insects—like tent worms—live in colonies. They nest in the trees and eat away all the foliage on the property. While most pests and insects don’t actually kill the trees, they do, however, weaken the structure from the inside out.

But homeowners who hire a tree trimming company to trim and prune their trees on a regular basis can alleviate problems with pests. They act of trimming and pruning limits pests and insects from growing into nearby plants and properties, saving the homeowner a lot of money on pest control.

Safety Precautions

One of the number one reasons for homeowners to have their trees trimmed and pruned regularly is to avoid disasters. Nobody wants to be dragged to court because a dead branch from their tree hit a neighbor walking by or fell on top of their neighbor’s car. Or worse, what if one of those branches fell on top of a family member causing severe injury or death? Bottom line is, disease and dead branches are very hazardous for everyone. They can fall off with heavy wind, but by pruning and trimming trees regularly, homeowners can avoid disasters like this.


While it’s important to trim and prune trees for safety reasons, it’s also great for aesthetic purposes. Trees are primary elements of good aesthetics when it comes to the garden and the home. Everyone loves a nicely pruned and trimmed tree.

Tree pruning and trimming should be done carefully as chopping off too much can cause the tree to die. This is why it’s so important to get professional tree trimming services to ensure the best care for one’s beloved trees.

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Why Hire a Texas Tree Service This Summer

Trees are incredibly beautiful and add a lot of beauty to our properties, but as a Texas tree service, we know the importance of caring for them. The lifetime of a tree or usefulness of a tree is affected by several things. If you want to avoid removing tree stumps, read on and find out why you need to hire a tree service in Texas this summer to keep your tree’s healthy and beautiful.

To Prevent the Risk of Falling

This is a common problem after severe rain or heavy storms, as well as in the wake of a major storm. Bad weather will weaken trees and create a risk of falling branches or toppled trunks. If you have any trees that are damaged from bad weather, you need to call a professional tree company.

Tree removal might be needed in these situations for safety reasons. You should always inspect your trees after a severe summer storm, keeping a careful eye for cracked and damaged branches, as well as any damage to the root of your trees.

To Prevent Damage by Pest or Disease

Another major problem we have here in Texas is pest & disease affecting our beautiful trees of all ages. Do a little research for infestations or spread of disease happening in your area and do regular check-ups on your trees. If you notice pests or disease on your trees, then you need to call us right away. We will clear the damage and prevent the infestation or disease from spreading throughout the tree.

To Prevent Construction or Renovation Problems

Do you plan on building a new addition to your home? Are you working on adding a deck? A pool? How about a patio or fence? These major home renovations might require you to remove a tree from your property. If the tree is too big, then you need to call a professional tree removal company like ours here at Chippers Tree Service. Remember that hiring an experienced tree removal company like ours will help with the overall home renovation planning and keep your project running smoothly.

To Help with Landscaping Changes

Sometimes you just need a new change in your landscape. Many experts such as landscape designers or arborists can offer helpful advice on effective tree removal, replacement, or relocation. Talk to one of our professionals here at Chippers Tree Service before you solidify your plans to be sure your new landscape will turn out just the way you envision it.

You can call a professional tree company for many reasons. From tree removal, stump grinding to limb trimming. Many jobs around the house can be done by any homeowner, but others are best left to a professional that can do the job in safe and professional way. Think about it: an accident from cutting down a tree will cost you much more than what you would pay a professional to do the job for you.

If you’re looking for the best tree service in Texas, look no further than Chippers Tree Service. Call 972-743-9959 today for a FREE estimate. We are the #1 Texas tree service and have been for many years now.

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How to Identify a Dying Tree & Expert Tips to Save It

Before you seek out tree removal services in Dallas, you ought to know how to spot the signs of a dying tree and maybe help it come back to life.  Just like any other living organism, sometimes trees can get sick.  The average tree has the potential of living a lengthy life; however, environmental stress, severe weather conditions, insect and disease infestation, and other things can cause your tree to get sick, become unhealthy, and die.

Trees are an important part to our natural habitat, and in our many years of providing tree removal services in Dallas, we’ve seen firsthand how a dying tree can affect or kill surrounding trees, leaving your yard treeless and bare.  A sick tree could also fall and cause potential harm to you, your family, neighbors, passersby, or your property; therefore, it is very important to be able to spot the signs of a dying tree so you can do whatever is necessary to save the tree or have it removed before disaster strikes.

Signs of a Sick or Dying Tree

In our many years of providing tree removal services in Dallas-Fort Worth, we’ve come to be very familiar with the symptoms of a sick or dying tree, and we’re going to show you what those symptoms are so you can keep a close eye on your beloved trees.

  1. Poor Structure

Sometimes trees can lean to one side or another or have an odd shape that causes unnatural growth.  Heavy storms and poor pruning methods are usually the cause for this.

  1. Decay

This one can be very difficult to see because decay usually starts from the inside out.  Keep an eye for symptoms such as mushroom-like spores, dead branches, and breakable wood.

  1. Weak Unions & Joints

These are also signs that your tree is sick.  If your tree’s branches don’t look attached to the tree, then you know there is a problem.  This is usually caused by branches growing too close together.  Having weak branches means your tree is at risk of falling at any given time.

  1. Cracks

Some cracks in your trees are normal, while others aren’t.  Overall, the cracks don’t mean that your tree is unhealthy, unless they are very deep or host pests.

  1. Deadwood

The last symptom of a sick or dying tree is deadwood.  What is deadwood?  It’s exactly what it sounds like.  It’s wood that is dead, meaning the branches snap off easily and the wood is dry.

All these are symptoms of a sick or unhealthy tree.  The quicker you can spot these signs, the quicker you can save your tree.

Determining the exact cause of the problems can be very difficult, even with the symptoms we showed you above.  Consulting with an arborist should be the first step you take.  Our arborists here at Chippers Tree Service have the training and knowledge required to properly identify the signs of a sick or dying tree.  The sooner you get in touch with us, the better the chances you have of saving your beloved tree.

Why an Arborist Will Be Your Best Friend

If your tree is sick and unhealthy, the best thing you can do is contact us before it’s too late.  Our arborists provide tree services that can help by:

  • Identifying at-risk trees
  • Alerting you about spreading disease
  • Properly spraying your trees with chemicals to treat the disease
  • Bracing your trees with support if they’re leaning
  • Giving you tree pruning and trimming services or tips
  • Removing an unhealthy or dying tree that cannot be saved
  • Climbing up high to trim your trees
  • Using heavy equipment that is too dangerous for a homeowner to operate

If you suspect your tree is sick or unhealthy, contact Chippers Tree Service today to come out and evaluate your trees.  Your life is too valuable to get up on a rickety ladder and hurt yourself in the process.  If there is any way to save your tree, we will save it.  If not, we will provide you with tree removal services at an affordable cost.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, call 972-743-9959 to get a FREE estimate NOW!

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Key Reasons to Invest in Professional Tree Trimming Services

Do you know the benefits of investing in tree trimming services?  Well, you’re going to find out everything about that today.  If you own a home with a backyard or front yard full of trees, then you might notice that some of your trees could use a little tidying up, and that’s where tree pruning and trimming comes into play.

Tree trimming services can help you improve the curb appeal of your home, with just a little fine pruning and trimming here and there.  There are endless benefits for homeowners who regularly have their trees trimmed.  But first, let’s discuss the tree trimming services that are available.

There are four tree trimming services available to help you keep your trees looking and living healthy.  Fine pruning, standard pruning, hazard trimming, and crown reduction trimming.  The fine pruning is a process of tree limb removal that gives your trees a healthier look.  Standard pruning is something most homeowners have done to improve their tree branch structure.  This type of pruning is usually heavy cutting.  Hazard trimming removes dangerous branches that could cause potential harm, while crown reduction trimming is done for major tree branch removal.  This type of trimming usually takes place after a major storm.

Why You Need Tree Trimming Services

Hiring professional tree trimming services, like we provide here at Chippers Tree Service, is a tremendous convenience for you, especially if you have a few trees in your backyard that need to be taken care of.  All the hours of labor will be taken off your hands and put into ours.  We have the experience and knowledge to properly trim your trees and keep them healthy for years to come.  Trimming trees can be a tedious task, not to mention a dangerous one.  We have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to do the job right while maintain safety all around.

Regular Tree Trimming Leads to Healthy & Happy Trees

Hiring professional tree services will guarantee healthy trees for years to come.  The health of your trees will be evaluated, and we will remove weaker and dead branches and twigs.  We will also assess your trees for disease and infestations and remove the affected branches before they spread.  We will check for dangerous branches that could cause damage if they break off.

Additionally, our arborists know how to properly trim trees of all species so you get the professional results you’re looking for.  We will ensure we properly trim so your trees to help them give off a radiant appeal, encourage better circulation, and promote new growth.  Our company is the leading provider of tree trimming services in Dallas-Fort Worth.  We also provide tree pruning, tree removal services, and stump grinding, so you can count on us for all of your tree needs.

Trimming your trees on your own can be a very dangerous job, especially getting up on a rickety ladder.  The cost of hiring our tree services is nothing compared to the money you would spend on a hospital bill if you take a fall from a ladder or cut one of your fingers.  We have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right to ensure that your trees stay healthy and strong for years to come.  Call us today to inquire about our tree services, and let us show you why we are the preferred tree company in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Call 972-743-9959 now to get a FREE estimate!

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Why Winter Is the Best Time to Prune Your Trees

As the most experienced tree cutting company in Dallas, we know the benefits of winter tree pruning.  But do you know?  Winter weather has officially arrived in Dallas. You might be happy that you no longer have to venture out to perform weekly yard duties, and you’re loving the fact that all your garden tools are put away.  No more trimming, no more weeding, no more mowing, right?  Not so fast!  Winter is actually the very best time to trim your trees.

As the most successful tree cutting company in Dallas, we know that shorter days and chilly temperatures symbolize dormancy in your trees.  Did you know that dormancy is the perfect time to trim your trees?  Well, now you know.  If you have trees around your home, you need to trim and prune them during the winter months.  You might dread the thought of going outside in the cold, but your trees have been waiting for this moment all year long.

As the leading tree cutting company in Dallas, we urge you to trim and prune your trees during the winter months because it is the ideal time to promote health and future growth.  So why is tree trimming and pruning so important during this time of the year?  Today, we’ll show you why you trees crave being trimmed and pruned during the winter months.

  1. Dormancy helps prevent diseases.

Pruning and trimming during the warmer months of the year can cause certain diseases to spread throughout a tree.  A fresh cut in the dormant season makes it less likely for disease to spread.  There are also less insects in the winter months, which gives you the perfect time to trim your trees.

  1. The tree has a good foundation for the spring and summer months.

Pruning and trimming your trees when leaves are absent makes it better for your trees to grow leaves during the spring and summer months.  Furthermore, when you trim your trees in the winter months, you’re actually creating a good foundation for your tree.

  1. A precise prune can easily be achieved.

As the leading tree cutting company in Dallas, we know that the best time to prune and trim trees is during the winter months. Some trees will loose their leaves and also make it much easier to see the tree.  With easy access to the tree, the trimming and pruning is much more efficient.  This is why the winter months are the best time to prune and trim your trees.

  1. Dormant pruning can save you a lot of time and money.

Because the colder weather provides a tough ground, tree cutting companies have easy access to your trees and their equipment can easily be used, making it easier and more efficient to prune your trees.  In the end, this symbolizes a lot of money saved and no time wasted.

There are many reasons to prune and trim your trees, but before you get started and make the first cut, ask yourself: “Why am I removing this limb/branch?”

You need to have a goal in mind, and you should have experience trimming and pruning trees.  If you are unsure or are afraid to prune and trim your trees on your own, contact the leading tree cutting company in Dallas, Chippers Tree Service, so we can take over the burden of trimming your trees during the bone cold winter months.  Call 972-743-9959 to get a FREE estimate today!

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6 Unbeatable Benefits of Regular Tree Cutting Services

In our many years of providing regular tree cutting services in Dallas, we’ve serviced hundreds of homes in the area and know firsthand that trees add feeling and beauty to a home.  However, if a tree is poorly cared for, it can die before its expiration date, creating an unsafe environment for you, your family, and your home.

In our many years of providing regular tree cutting services to Dallas-Fort Worth residents, we know why you need routine tree cutting services and yearly inspections to ensure they’re healthy, vibrant, and thriving.  If you are thinking about having your trees trimmed, we’ll show you the unbeatable perks of routine tree cutting services.

  1. It Promotes Good Health

Regular tree trimming can prolong the life of your trees by taking away dead, weak, insect-infested, or diseased branches before they start to affect the tree’s overall health.

Regular tree trimming will also improve the overall look of your trees.  Pulling out dead branches will enhance the appearance of your trees, making them thrive.  Plus, removing the unwanted branches will ensure they do not draw extra energy from the trunk, leaving only the desirable parts of your tree flourishing.  Removing dead limbs will increase leaves, flowers, and fruit.

  1. It Increases Air Circulation

Regular tree trimming will increase sun exposure and air circulation throughout your tree and nearby landscape.  Just keep an eye for signs of sun scalding, which will affect your tree during the winter months.

  1. It Keeps Your Home & Property Safe

Trees branches hanging over your home or business can cause a lot of damage if they snap off during high winds or harsh winter months.  Over time, extra damage can occur if branches fall inside your gutter and clog it, causing it to overflow.

In our many years of providing tree cutting services in Dallas, we know the importance of trimming your trees on a regular basis.  Trees left to grow without proper trimming can grow into powerlines or your home, causing a lot of damage.

  1. It Protects You & Your Family

Regular tree trimming is very important to prevent injuries to you and the people you love.  Imagine a heavy branch falling onto your children or pets.  Limbs can be heavy and will cause a lot of damage if they break off.

Proper pruning and trimming can reduce the weight of a tree, making it less likely for branches to snap off during a heavy storm and cause bodily injuries or property damage.

  1. It Can Improve Your Home’s Appearance

Regular tree trimming done by a professional can improve your home or business simply by improving the view.  Who wants to look at a tree full of dead branches?  It’s not only an eyesore, but it’s unhealthy for your tree.  Different trees should be pruned at different times of the year, which is why it’s so important to consult with a professional before trimming a tree around your home or business.

  1. It Promotes Fruit Growth

Trimming and pruning fruit trees can actually improve the size and quantity of the fruit production.  In our many years of experience providing tree cutting services in Dallas, we know the best time to prune and trim fruit trees is late in the winter months to expose the center to more sunlight.

With regular tree pruning and trimming, your trees will enhance the appearance, feel, and value of your home or property, as well as decrease danger to you, your family, your pets, and to the public.  Regular tree trimming will also save you a lot of money by preventing your tree from knocking out a powerline or falling on top of your home or car.

If you’re looking for regular tree cutting services in Dallas, contact Chippers Tree Service today.  Call 972-743-9959 to get a FREE estimate.

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What Kills Trees? How Do You Protect Trees from Harm?

In our many years providing professional tree services in Fort Worth, Texas, we know how beneficial trees are to our lives.  Trees that grow around our homes and communities provide us with endless benefits.  But like many things in life, they also face many threats, not only from the environment but from people as well.  If you want your trees to live a healthy life, you must properly care for them to ensure you reap their benefits for years to come and protect your trees from harm.

After many years of providing professional tree services in Fort Worth, we’ve seen tree trimming and pruning practices that are incorrectly done.  These practices lead to stress on the trees and eventually cause them to die.  Some of these practices include picking the wrong tree species for the location, improperly planting trees, improperly mulching trees, incorrect trimming and pruning trees, or causing mechanical injuries to the trees.  There are so many things that can go wrong that can weaken a tree and cause it to die.

Our Fort Worth tree services help homeowners properly care for their trees.  However, there are homeowners who like to do it themselves, which is okay, as long as they follow the proper steps and techniques to ensure the health of their trees.  The following blog will show you how to properly care for your trees so they live healthy life for years to come.  Your trees have so much to offer you, so please do not kill them.

Protect your Trees from Harm. Below are Ways to Kill a Tree:

1. Planting a tree in a space that’s not adequate for its species or planting it near obstructions.

The Right Approach:

Make sure that you plant the correct species of tree in the appropriate location.  Your tree will grow, so the space needs to match your tree’s potential max size.  A tree’s branches need space to grow up and out, and its roots also need space to properly grow the trunk.

2. Planting it in a small hole or leaving the burlap or container around the root.

The Right Approach:

Make sure you dig a hole that is at least two to five times bigger than the root and never deeper than the rootball itself.  Remove the container and burlap as soon as you can without causing the rootball to fall apart.  Backfill and lightly tamp the soil.  Add a lot of mulch but never fertilizer.

3. Placing too much mulch against the tree trunk.

The Right Approach:

You must place a ring of mulch that is at least three to five feet in diameter, but it has to be three inches away from the trunk.  Do not place mulch too close to the trunk.

4. Leaving stakes and guying materials attached to the trunk until they grow into the plant itself.

The Right Approach:

Only use stakes if your tree is in a high wind area.  Use soft materials around the trunk to prevent the materials from damaging it.  The guying should be slightly loose so it does not damage the trunk, and you should remove the stakes and guying materials after a year.

5. Hitting your tree with a lawnmower or weed whacker and damaging its bark.

The Right Approach:

Never use your tree as a bumper for your lawnmower.  Instead, stop a safe distance before your tree.  Your lawnmower or weed whacker can scrape away precious bark and cause injury to your tree’s live tissue.

6. Improperly trimming and pruning trees or removing too many twigs and leaves.

The Right Approach:

Never top a tree or remove more than a quarter of its twigs because it will die.  Remember to prune branches in a lateral way, following the simple 3-cut method.

#1 Undercut

#2 Remove the branch

#3 Remove the stub at the branch collar

7. Over watering or under watering can cause your tree to die.  If you saturate the soil too much or let it dry out, your tree will die.

The Right Approach:

You must water your tree for its specific water needs.  Make sure that you’re familiar with how much water your tree needs to grow.  Too much or too little will kill its roots.  A young tree usually require ten gallons of water/week, so make sure you’re providing what it needs.

Now that you know what can kill your tree, we hope you take the steps necessary to keep your tree alive and healthy.  If you want to plant a tree on your property, or need help properly maintaining your existing trees, contact us today.  Chippers Tree Services provides the leading professional tree services in Dallas-Fort Worth.  From tree trimming and pruning to tree removal and stump grinding services, we do it all!

Call 972-743-9959 to get a FREE estimate and protect your trees from harm.  Let Chippers Tree Service provide you the professional tree services you need!

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Tree Health 101: Is Your Tree Healthy or Sick?

With many years of experience providing tree trimming and removal services in Dallas-Fort Worth, we know that regular tree checkups and maintenance will make all the difference in your tree’s health and even the value of your property.  While you are at home enjoying the holiday season and all of its festivities, don’t forget to take a few moments and take a look at your trees.  A closer look now and then can make the difference in having a healthy tree or a sick and dying one.  First, we’re going to take a look at the signs of a healthy tree.

Signs of a Healthy Tree

Do a check around your property and look for the signs below that indicate your tree is in good health.

1. A Solid Tree Trunk

In addition to having a straight appearance, your tree’s trunk will add strength and create stability.

2. Fresh Growth

A healthy tree will produce fresh growth regularly.  You should notice this around its trunk and branches.  Make sure you check the distance between this year’s buds and what it produced last year.  Different trees have different grow patterns, so be sure to get familiar with all the trees around your property.

3. Thriving Branches

When we provide tree pruning services, we’re always on the lookout for dead and broken branches because they invite insects and disease.  When we see them, we prune them immediately.  Do a test to see if your branches are dead by scraping the branch with your finger.  The branch should show green underneath.  You can also gently bend it to check its health.  Dead branches will snap right away, while living branches will bend.

4. Lots of Leaves

Having a lot of leaves means you have a healthy tree.  If your tree has sections of leaves missing, or they’re not blooming the way they should, it means your tree is sick.  It could be a sign of damage from improper pruning, pesticides, or even pest infestations.  If you notice this, contact our tree trimming and removal services so we can evaluate your tree’s health.

5. Healthy Leaves

Check to see if the leaves of your trees are the right color for the season.  Your tree’s leaves should never be yellow, unless of course that’s its natural color.  Leaves that wilt and fall are an indication that your tree is under stress due to a drought or too much watering.  Healthy leaves mean your tree is healthy.

Signs of a Sick Tree

In our many years of providing tree trimming and removal services in Dallas-Fort Worth, we’ve come to know one thing: trees do not speak.  So it’s up to you to know when it’s sick.  Today, we’re going to show you some visible signs that your tree is sick.  If you notice these signs, contact us immediately.

  1. Your tree is suddenly dying at the top.
  2. Your tree’s leaves and needles are discolored. They are now a lighter shade of green, yellow, or brown.
  3. Your tree has wilting of its foliage. The leaves have spots, holes, or insects on them.
  4. Your tree has twigs and branches that are dying quickly.
  5. Your tree has an abnormal growth of twigs and branches.
  6. Your tree has a lot of insects on its branches and leaves.
  7. Your tree has a lot of caterpillars or other worms.
  8. You’re noticing mushroom or fungus growth near the trunk or the base.
  9. Your tree is seeping sap that has a strong odor.
  10. Your tree has a heavy foliage near the crown.

So what do you think you have on your hands, a healthy tree or a sick tree that needs help?  If you are unsure what you’re dealing with, contact the leading tree trimming and pruning services in Dallas-Fort Worth, Chippers Tree Services today.  Our experts can come out today and evaluate your tree before it’s too late.

Call 972-743-9959 to get a FREE estimate.  Let Chippers Tree Service help you diagnose and hopefully save your beloved tree.

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The Ultimate Guide to Diagnose Tree Health Problems

With many years of experience providing professional tree services in Fort Worth, Texas, we know that you can avoid most tree problems by simply planting the right tree in the right location and by properly taking care of it and protecting your tree from injuries.  While following this advice will help minimize the stress that causes problems, it is not always possible to prevent all threats to your tree’s health.

In our many years of providing professional tree services, we know that the first step to saving your tree is identifying the problem and what is causing it.  Today, we’re going to show you a simple guide that will teach you about your plant’s needs and weaknesses, as well as how to pick up on the signs and symptoms that your tree is having health issues.  These factors include:

  • Biological factors, such as insects and wildlife
  • Environmental factors, such as soil or air pollution
  • Cultural factors, such as pruning and fertilization

Signs & Symptoms to Watch Out For

With many years providing Fort Worth tree services, we’re easily able to pick up on signs a tree is sick.  A symptom is a response your plant gives to pests or injury.  Your tree will provide you with evidence of a pest infestation.  The signs could be the pest itself or the damage being caused by the pest, such as dropping leaves, dead fruit, and decreased growth rates.

Get Familiar with Your Plants

It is easy to diagnose your plant by getting to know it first.  You must first know what you’re dealing with in order to know what is normal and what isn’t for each specific plant.  Yellowish leaves might be normal for some plants, while they can indicate a problem for others.  Then, you need to learn what your specific plant’s needs and intolerances are to keep it alive and thriving.  Is the planting location appropriate for your plant?  Some problems can be solved simply by replanting your tree at a different site.

We want you to inspect your tree regularly to watch out for signs that your tree is sick.  Some illnesses might not show, especially during the early stages unless you really examine your tree thoroughly.  Otherwise, by the time your tree shows signs, it might be too late.  If you monitor your tree closely, you’ll be able to pick up the signs early on and take the proper measures to care for your tree before it gets too sick and dies.

Discover the Most Common Health Problems

In our many years providing tree trimming and pruning in Fort Worth, we know all the common health problems trees can have.  But do you know them?  If not, it’s time to learn.  Learn what diseases and pests commonly affect trees in your area, when they attack, and what symptoms they produce.

Most trees are only affected by a certain disease or insect, so being able to recognize it early on will allow you to help your tree and preserve its health.  For example, if you have red needles on a white spruce, it’s a symbol that you have bark beetles.  Knowing this will allow you to help your tree by fighting the beetle infestation.

Look for the Signs & Assess the Symptoms

Some problems are very easy to pick up on and might be easy to diagnose.  For example, if your tree or plant is wilting during a drought, it means your tree or plant is in need of water, which is very easy to provide.  However, most tree health problems aren’t so simple to figure out.  If you fail to pick up on the symptoms, the disease or infestation can spread and cost you your tree’s life.

If you want to save your tree, it’s time to keep an eye for the clues your tree will give you.  Knowing the symptoms will give you the upper hand in fighting the disease that is affecting your tree.  But if you don’t know what is hurting your tree, it’s time to call our Fort Worth tree services so we can examine your tree and find out what’s affecting it.

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