How to Know If You Have a Dying Tree on Your Property

As the top tree service in Dallas, TX, we know that trees die for many reasons.  This might sound a little harsh to you, but the reality is, trees die often.  Our experienced Dallas tree trimmers are able to pick up on the dead giveaways of a dead tree early on.  However, homeowners have a difficult time spotting the signs.  Trees die for a variety of reasons that are easy to pick up, while they sometimes die for reasons that are harder to pick up on.  Now, the question comes: how can you tell if your tree is dying?

How to Tell You Have a Dying Tree

As the leading tree service in Dallas, TX, we have the knowledge and experience to teach you how to spot the early symptoms of a dying tree.  After many years of providing tree trimming and removal services, we have all the expert tips you need.  Our tree experts have compiled a list of indicators of a dead or dying tree.  The sooner you figure out what you have on your hands, the better your chances of saving your beloved tree.

Unfortunately, a dead or dying tree won’t fix itself.  You need to do something about it before the situation gets worse.  So how do you know what you have on your hands?  Look for the following things.

Trunk Damage

Do you have vertical cracks on the trunk of your tree?  Having trunk damage can hurt your tree drastically, or even kill it.  In addition to examining for cracks, look for bark on the tree, or should we say lack thereof?

When a tree ages, bark will fall off on its own, which is replaced with a new layer if it’s a healthy tree.  If your tree doesn’t have bark, it’s an indicator that your tree is dying or dead.

Bare Branches

Take a look at your branches.  How do they look?  One early warning sign that your tree is dying is if the branches are bare.  Keep an eye for dead branches or dead leaves, as they are an indication that your tree is unhealthy or dying.

Also, dead branches relegated to one side of your tree can indicate trunk and root damage.

Damaged Roots

Examining your tree’s roots is very difficult to do since they are underground and not visible to the eye.  Recent excavation projects near the tree, new construction, or a shallow root system can hurt your tree and cause it to die.

As the best tree service in Dallas, TX, we know you must keep an eye for root damage.  A simple way to do this is to keep an eye to see if your tree is leaning towards another tree.  Another is if you start to notice branches sprouting from the trunk of your tree.  This type of branching is commonly known as epicormic shoots, which symbolizes that your tree is under a lot of stress.

Fungus Infestation

Fungus around your tree is a sign that it has an infection and is dying or already dead.

The Location of the Tree Has Been Altered

Was there any type of new construction around your home?  Were some trees near your home taken away, therefore removing shade?  Is your tree now exposed to more sun and wind?  Our Dallas tree trimmers know these factors can definitely harm a tree’s health.  Nearby construction can also damage the root and soil of your tree, which can be detrimental to your tree’s overall health.

Are you still unsure if you have a dying tree around your home?  Do you want to get a second opinion?  Contact the leading tree service in Dallas, TX today and let us assist you immediately.  We can help you remove dead trees from your property to prevent the risk of falling and causing grave damage to your property or loved ones.

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