With many years of providing tree trimming in Fort Worth, we know that tree limb removal might be the last thing on your mind. But if a tree’s branches are too close to your home, then it’s time to get trimming!

You love the trees in your yard… Oh, you absolutely do! The way their leaves blow in the wind, the way their leaves transform colors each season, and the way they welcome you home from the office every day.

Then one day you notice that your tree’s branches are getting too close to your home. In fact, their branches are now hanging over your roof. Not the case? Then, perhaps you inherited the dropping limbs when you bought a new home, or maybe your neighbor’s tree grew too close for comfort.

Either way, it’s time to solve this problem; after all, heavy branches hanging over or too close to your home can be very costly and dangerous, not to mention the leaves building up in your guttering. You can get gutter guards atlanta to stop this from happening but it’s always a good idea to solve the problem at the source if possible.

The Risks of Branches Hanging Over Your Roof & Home

Should tree branches be that close to my home? No, they shouldn’t. Limbs that are hanging over your home or too close to your home can cause property damage and injury if they break and fall, and you may end up having to pay for roof repair cedar park. Here’s why.

  • Branches will scrape against roof shingles on windy days, destroying the outer layer of asphalt and making your roof susceptible to leaking, to which you’ll then have to look into roofing companies Austin based for repairs, once the suspected tree has been removed.
  • Their leaves will fall right into the gutter, which can cause backups, mold, and overflowing. Backups and debris can eventually build up over time and weigh far more than the hinges and gutter supports can hold, more than likely resulting in residents having to get in contact with a service like this gutter replacement Denver company provides for residential homes as an example.
  • Even worse! If the tree is damaged or has a disease, heavy winds or a storm can cause the branches to fall onto your home or car.

Whose Tree Is to Blame? Yours or Your Neighbor’s Tree?

You might be wondering how the tree tipped into hazardous territory in the first place. If you planted a tree too close to your home without taking its width and height into consideration, then you might have a problem on your hands, and it’s your fault.

Or maybe your neighbor’s tree is too close to your home. Well, then you have every right to trim the tree if its branches are on your property (even if the root of the tree is on your neighbor’s property). However, there are many limitations here, so you need to check the ordinances in your area. Also be sure to talk to your neighbor before cutting any branches so they don’t blame you for any harm to the tree.

How to Cut a Tree Limb That’s Hanging Over Your Home

Since the branches are already hanging too close for comfort, they can cause damage any day. One wrong cut and the branch could fall on top of your home, costing you a lot of money in repairs. This is why we never advise homeowners to do it themselves. Tree cutting and trimming is a very dangerous job that poses risks to you and your home.

Trimming heavy tree branches over the roof of your home puts you in danger. One wrong move can cost your life or thousands of dollars in repairs. This is why you need to hire a tree branch removal company in Fort Worth with years of experience providing tree limb removal services.

If you’re questioning how much tree limb removal costs, it’s definitely cheaper than having a branch fall on top of your home. Our tree experts here at Chippers Tree Service know how to properly trim a tree and remove branches while keeping your home unharmed. In the worst case scenario, we have insurance that will cover any repairs.

If you are looking for tree limb removal service in Fort Worth, contact Chippers Tree Service today by calling 972-743-9959 to get a FREE estimate today.

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