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When you think of tree trimming in Texas, the first thing that comes to mind is trimming your trees during the summer months, which is absolutely right. You probably think that because your trees are losing their leaves that they’re sleeping and getting ready for the winter. So you naturally think you can’t prune them, right? Wrong! In fact, your trees are very active on the inside and will continue to grow new roots (even during fall), making fall the perfect time for trimming and pruning. So, it’s time to call for professional tree trimming services.

You might dread the thought of going out and trimming your trees, but if you hire a professional tree trimming company, they’ll do the job for you and ensure your trees are healthy for the fall and winter months. The dormant period is a great time to remove diseased or dead branches and even reshape an overgrown plant. Read on to discover the top reasons to invest in tree trimming this fall.

  1. Dormant trimming helps support disease management.

While pruning during the hot summer months can cause certain diseases to spread, a fresh cut in the dormant season makes the tree less likely to spread disease. Also, the presence of certain diseases will be easy to spot by a professional, since the tree is losing its leaves and getting bare.

  1. It sets the foundation for the next spring.

Trimming and pruning when leaves are absent makes it easier to improve the branch pattern and redirect future growth of the tree. Furthermore, if a tree’s trimmed once spring’s already started, the blooming will be limited.

  1. Dormant trimming helps trees sustain the fall and winter.

Trimming during fall and winter will allow you to get rid of any weak or damaged branches and help your tree grow. These branches could potentially break off during the winter and fall on top of your vehicle, home, or a loved one.

  1. Precise cuts are possible.

Leaves will drop throughout the fall season, which will make branches much easier to see. Better visibility will give the tree trimming professional easy access for pruning and trimming, which, in turn, provides the most efficient cuts for your tree.

  1. Dormant trimming will save you time and money.

With cooler weather around the corner, the ground will be harder, which means the tree trimming professional will have easy access to use their equipment. This more efficient method of trimming will save time and money.

  1. Dormant trimming revitalizes.

Pruning during the fall and winter months will help overgrown shrubs create new growth from the base and revitalize them.

Why Have Your Trees Trimmed Regularly?

There are many reasons residential and commercial property owners should have their trees trimmed regularly. Taking care of your trees—no matter the season—will ensure your trees are healthy. When you don’t trim your trees regularly, problems will arise and disease can quickly spread. Many of the tree issues property owners face can be prevented with the simple act of regular tree trimming and pruning.

Trees are vital, not only to the visual appeal of your property, but to provide you shade and privacy during the hot summer months. Tree trimming in Texas isn’t only done in the summer months, because as you can tell, there are many benefits to trimming your trees during fall.

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