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Tree trimmer services are needed every day by homeowners. When heavy branches hang over a home, they run the risk of falling and causing extensive damage to the property, while a tree that is slowly claiming territory on a part of the home runs the risk of causing mold damage on the siding. Furthermore, damaged or dead trees are unsightly and potentially hazardous during a heavy storm. For these—and many more—reasons, homeowners seek out professional tree trimming services. It is always advised to leave this type of work to the professionals who have years of experience trimming trees.

Here are a few considerations homeowners must keep in mind when investing in tree trimming services.

  1. The company should have credentials and insurance.

A tree company can do a lot of damage if the employees are not properly trained, so homeowners must check into the company’s credentials and insurance. The homeowner needs to know if the company is fully licensed. An unlicensed company presents a high risk and is a gamble. Moreover, operating a tree company without a license is illegal.

  1. The company must be fully insured.

A tree company without adequate insurance coverage is a company no homeowner should hire. Homeowners need to ensure that the company has liability insurance and worker’s compensation. Liability insurance guarantees that damages to the property or possessions are covered by the company’s insurance.

Worker’s compensation insurance protects the homeowner, company, and its employees by covering injuries that any employee sustains while working on the property. Additionally, it protects the homeowner from a lawsuit if anything should happen while the company is performing the job.

  1. The company should have referrals.

This one is common sense. Homeowners shouldn’t hesitate to ask the tree company for referrals from previous customers who had similar work done. Homeowners are entitled to know what to expect and how other people feel about their services.

Homeowners must know if a company has performed poorly in jobs in the past. It’s advised to check out Angie’s List to get the best referrals.

  1. The company must provide an estimate.

Homeowners should always get a written estimate of the job that is going to be performed. If the tree company is hesitant to give an estimate, they’re only interested in making a quick buck by charging additional fees for services the homeowner doesn’t want.

Deciding which tree company to go with can be quite a process. Homeowners searching for tree trimmer services should keep these four tips in mind before investing their hard-earned money.

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