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As the leading tree cutting contractors we not only provide regular tree cutting services but a wide range of other services that are perfect for spring. With the winter weather slowly fading away and the temperatures on the rise, it is important to keep tree care in mind. Doing some simple yet important tree maintenance in your yard can have a huge impact on the trees on your property.

To help with your landscape and greenery, our tree cutting contractors are going to show with you our favorite tips for spring tree care. Hurry up! Put them to action and get ready for a fabulous spring.

  1. Clean Your Entire Yard

The first thing you need to do for tree care is a quick yard cleanup. This means removing tree wraps or other protective features you might have used during the winter months. Raking and cleaning up the nearby areas of your trees is also very important. This will prevent the emergence of tree diseases that wintered over in the falling foliage.

  1. Do Some Pruning

The final weeks of winter or the first weeks of spring are actually the best time to prune deciduous plants. This is the best time for punning because the coldest winter days are long gone, and spring buds haven’t started to bloom just yet. When you prune during this time of the year, you can reap the benefits in the upcoming months. Trust us. As an added perk, you’ll be able to easily identify which branches need to go and which will stay. You will also be able to remove any potentially dangerous branches and shape your tree for future growth.

  1. Do Some Mulching

Mulching during the first few days of spring is actually great, as it helps your trees thrive. Mulching is the process of spreading organic materials such as wood chips or grass clippings around your trees. Doing this in the area surrounding your trees will enrich the soil and help them retain water and get more nutrients.

  1. Inspect Your Trees as Days Get Warmer

Running through a quick inspection checklist will ensure that your trees are not showing any signs of disease or damage. A few signs to look for include:

  • Broken or handing branches
  • Trees with hollow cavities
  • Trees leaning towards one side

If trees in your yard are displaying any of these signs, or if you are unsure whether your tree poses a risk to the surrounding area, contact our tree cutting contractors today. We are the experts and can advise the best plan of action for your current situation. Call 972-743-9959 for a FREE estimate today!

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