Tree branch trimming and pruning are the two most requested services by homeowners during the spring, as everyone is looking to make their yards beautiful. Any tree trimmer knows they’re busiest during the warmer spring months. Many homeowners believe that established trees may be self-sufficient, but arborists don’t agree with this. Healthy trees don’t just miraculously take care of themselves. Trees are low-maintenance, but they do need maintenance. Tending to seasonal chores helps keep trees healthy and protects the landscape.

Homeowners looking for spring care tips for their trees can find what they are looking for in this blog.

  1. Clean up is needed.

Homeowners should kick off the season with a quick spring cleaning… for trees.

Homeowners should remove decorative left over holiday lights. Lights should never stay wrapped around the trees all year long. Those who forgot to bring them down should do so right now before they risk girdling growth.

When temperatures are warm, homeowners should remove wraps they previously place around the trunks. They should also rake and gather any debris that is found nearby the trees unless they use a leaf blower like you’re able to view and also compare using sites like https://thebestleafblowers.com/ and others. This is very important, especially with trees susceptible to fungal diseases, which can grow with debris.

  1. Mulch needs to be applied.

A layer of much helps soil retain and suppresses weeds. It’s most crucial when caring for young trees or ones that have been on the ground for decades.

Homeowners should aim to add at least 3 inches of much around the tree but not on the trunk. Mulch piled against the trunk holds moisture and heat, which helps diseases, such as canker, gain easy access to the tree.

  1. Water is essential.

Homeowners should wait until soil thaws to tackle watering chores. Those who water soil while it’s frozen can create a runoff.

Homeowners should water trees located in areas where de-icing materials were used over the winter.

Even though the weather is beautiful now, homeowners should not allow trees to dry out. Homeowners will have to water several times if weather warms or if they have sandy soil.

Homeowners should also check their sprinkler system. It needs to be inspected, as well as the lines for leaks or clogs. If you notice there’s an issue with the sprinklers, contact a company like sprinkler repair castle rock co and get some professional help. Don’t ignore the issue as you could end up doing more damage. Homeowners should look for puddling around the trees and adjust their sprinkler heads accordingly. Sprinklers shouldn’t spray water onto the foliage of trees susceptible to fungal diseases.

  1. Pruning is need.

The ideal time to prune most trees is during the dormant season (the winter) but trees can also be pruned during the spring and summer. If you do not prune and your tree is right next to your house, there is the potential for foundation or branch damage to the home. You will need to check your home warranty to see if it covers this potential issue.

Homeowners could hire companies similar to the ones providing services like Rubbish collection Melbourne (and, or in other areas as well) to remove dead, damaged, or broken branches from their backyard. Homeowners that are unsure whether a branch is dead should wait until the leaves fall out or call a local tree company. Dead branches are easy to spot once leave unfurl.

Homeowners looking for tree branch trimming, pruning, or even tree removal to spruce up their yard this spring should contact a professional tree company to get the job done right.

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