Springtime is the best time to invest in local tree stump removal services. The weather is perfect for tree services to get your yard summer-ready.

With our many years of providing local tree stump removal services, we know that spring is the best time to remove a tree stump from your yard. Professional tree removal can be done any time of the year, but the perfect weather spring makes it an ideal time to remove a tree stump. For most people, rotting tree stumps are an eyesore. They get them removed for aesthetic reasons, in order to make their yard look better.

If you have an ugly tree stump on your property, let us show you the top reasons to get it removed this spring.

1. Stumps are very dangerous.

It’s easy to trip over or accidentally bump your lawn mower into lifted roots, even when a fully-grown tree is in the yard. But these trip hazards can be almost invisible without the tree to give you a much-needed warning. Letting a tree stump and the roots stay behind in your yard can be a huge hazard to your family and guests, as well as the lawn care company that takes care of your yard.

2. Stumps are home for unwanted pests.

Stumps that are left behind start to decay over time, even if they stay solid in your yard for years. Termites, ants, and beetles can quickly make their home in the wood, especially if the protective bark layer has faded away with time, and that makes for a convenient waypoint into your home or business. If you don’t remove the stump, then it will become a breeding ground for unwanted pests.

3. Stumps encourage unwanted growth.

You probably saw small growths and even the beginnings of trees pop up around your mature trees before they died. Dropped seeds can quickly start to take root, but the tree’s shadow often deprives them from nutrients and stops them from growing. But once the tree is cut down, it can no longer prevent them from growing.

4. Stumps are an eyesore.

With spring here. we know that you want to take advantage of your backyard, right? But with that awful stump left behind, your yard might not look as attractive as it should. You want your yard looking as attractive as possible. This is especially the case if you plan on hosting parties, picnics, and family get togethers this spring. Stumps don’t look good, so it is worth it to have a tree professional remove it for you so you can enjoy your yard this spring and summer.

5. Stumps are harmful to nearby plants.

Tree stumps left behind can encourage tree growth. This might sound like good news, but the problem is little plants can also grow around the base of the tree stump. These plants are very stubborn. They keep sprouting back and can be a pain to get rid of. Besides that, these new sprouts also tend to take away essential nutrients from surrounding plants.

As you can see, from dangers to aesthetics, there are many reasons for local tree stump removal services. If you need professional tree removal services in Dallas, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Call 972-743-9959 for a FREE estimate today!

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