tree stump servicesMost homeowners in DFW area refrain from calling tree stump services. They think they can get the job done on their own. However, stump removal involves complex machinery and planning. You need to call professional tree stump services if you want to get rid of that stump without breaking anything. At Chippers Tree Service, we offer affordable and efficient ways of stump removal.

Why Should You Remove a Tree Stump?

  1. They Create Hazards

The foremost reason to consider tree stump removal is that they are potential hazards. Stumps can cause your children or pets to trip over. They can attract pests and pathogens, which may ruin your entire yard. They may also cause damage to lawn mowers and other similar equipment. You will regret not calling professionals for stump removal when you find yourself purchasing a new mower.

  1. They are Ugly

Tree stumps are beautiful, said no one ever! Your open space is quite frankly ruined with the eyesore sitting in the middle of it. A lonely old tree stump is not romantic. It can take away the charm of any lawn. Your neighbors may have a problem with the stump as well if you live in a neighborhood with well-manicured lawns.

  1. Stumps take up Valuable Space

There is just so much space in your yard. Wouldn’t you rather have a nice perennial or another tree growing instead of that stump? Tree stumps also attract fungus and weed growth, which can add to your lawn care chores.

Stump Removal Methods

In our experience, some stumps are far easier to remove than others. It is usually the stubborn stumps that warrant a call to the professionals. There are different techniques employed for removing stumps of different trees. For instance, stumps of deciduous trees pose greater difficulty than those of pine trees.

Stump grinding and chemical stump removal are two most common methods to remove a stump in the DFW area. However, we only recommend the grinding method, since adding harmful chemicals to your yard may damage the soil integrity. In addition, you may not be able to have new growth in that area for quite a few years.

Our team will come prepared when you call us for stump grinding. We use industry standard stump grinding equipment to ensure it is ground down to at least 3-6 inches below the ground level. If possible, we will remove the root system. However, if the tree was mature with complex root system, we recommend leaving it in. It is possible for underground pipelines to get damaged when removing roots.

We strongly encourage that you call professional tree stump services when you want a stump removed. This is a challenging and hazardous job.

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