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There are several reasons why homeowners need to call a professional Fort Worth, TX tree service. There are a variety of tasks performed by tree service companies. At Chippers Tree Services, we usually get called for the following three tree service in Fort Worth TX. However, we recommend that you bring in a professional tree care experts whenever you think your trees need that extra bit of care.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Most trees in the Fort Worth area grow naturally symmetrical. However, there are always a few that require that extra helping hand. You should leave tree trimming to the professionals whether your tree is young or mature. This will ensure that there is no lasting damage done to your tree.

Tree trimming and pruning when carried out by professionals, like us allows for a more balanced appearance. We pay extra special attention to trimming limbs and branches in a way that doesn’t compromise the tree’s structure.

Stump Grinding and Removal

Old tree stumps are rarely ever a beautiful sight. In fact, we suggest you have your tree stumps removed as soon as possible if you don’t want infection causing pathogens and pests to manifest in it. Stumps are rotting wood and whatever DIY project you see on Instagram, it can be difficult to turn it into a seat.

Tree stumps are also potential hazards, especially if you have kids and pets. You may trip on it one night getting back late from work. We take care of all types and sizes of stump eyesores in a quick and affordable manner. Sometimes, stumps cannot be removed completely because of complex root systems. This is usually the case with mature trees that are a few decades old. In such situations, we recommend having the stump ground down.

Tree Removal

You need professionals if you want a tree removed from your property. Your tree may be rotting from the inside out. It may be infected with ganoderma pathogen or some other fungus. Maybe, the root structure has become weak and the tree is at risk of toppling over. Many DFW homeowners give us a call before the storm season sets in to take care of weak trees.

We understand that trees on your yard hold a special meaning to you. But, having a weak or damaged tree on your property increases the risk to life and property. Also, without having the tree professionally removed, you risk the growth of new trees. Root systems continue living and can push new haphazard growth that may ruin your open space.

We are also the foremost Fort Worth, TX tree service offering tree bracing and cabling to support weak branches. There are several other tree services that may warrant an expert arborist. Tree Service in Fort Worth, TX.

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