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The heat and humidity of a full-blown Texas summer may get too much for the younger trees in the front yard if not taken care of properly. Prolonged exposure to the scorching heat could lead to stunted growth and decay in newly planted trees. We at Chippers Tree Service believe our professional tree cutting services in Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas are first-rate, and suitable for everyone who needs summer tree cutting services in Dallas to take good care of their trees this summer.

Trimming Trees in the Summer

Some people think summer is not the right time to trim trees. Yes, it is true that different types of trees have their different favorable times for when they should be trimmed but summer tree trimming, if done correctly, can be a good thing.

Summer Pruning Prevents Disease and Promotes Blossoms

Some trees like cherry and apricot need pruning in the summer to cut down the risk of fungus. The dry summer season is ideal because this fungus typically infects pruning wounds during rainfall, and may cause twigs to die suddenly. Fruit trees pruned in summer have more blossoms in the following spring. Similarly, oak should also be pruned in the dry season.

Keeping a Canopy for Shade

It is important to protect the trunk and scaffold branches from sun exposure. The excessive exposure might blanch the cambium layer beneath the bark, resulting in large wounds, making the tree vulnerable and weak.

Leaving sufficient canopy to shade the bark or a whitewash treatment for the bark, can take care of the issues arising out of exposure. As a professional tree pruning and tree service company in the Dallas Fort Worth Metro, we recommend early pruning, especially for tender plants, so that the new growth gets enough time to harden off before the advent of colder weather.

Mulching the Tree Properly

Ideally, a tree needs mulching once when it is planted and after that at the turn of each season. A thickness of an inch or two is sufficient for the mulch layer, with a substantial gap between the tree trunk and the mulch. The best way is to make the mulch layer in the shape of a donut around the base of the tree, leaving space for water to funnel down to the roots.

Our arborists do not recommend mounding mulch around the trunk of the tree, which might lead to decay and rot, and also create a space for harmful insects to hide. Mulch retains moisture and keeps the tree roots as well as the soil moist, making it useful in the summer.

The mulch bed also suppresses weeds that may eat into the resources and water meant for the tree. In addition, it acts as a barrier to prevent the lawnmower from getting too close and accidentally bringing harm to the tree bark. A layer of mulch not only protects the tree but also provides it nourishment.

Our professional summer tree cutting services are offered to the Dallas Fort Worth Metro area, for residential and commercial properties.Tree cutting services in Dallas.

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