Trees are a great asset to any property and can add value, beauty, and shade for years to come. Stemming from this, sometimes the trees on your property may become too much of a liability, and upkeep becomes more than you can handle. Trees that are overgrown or grow close to the power lines must be removed.

Cutting down trees is more than just a science – it’s an art, and there’s a lot to consider when removing trees from your property. The professionals at Chippers, the leading Fort Worth tree service, are trained to assess the tree’s health, the effect on other trees nearby, the type of soil and many other things before they make a single cut.

The Steps Involved in Our Process

  • Identify why the tree needs to be removed
  • Determine if the tree removal can be done safely by our crew or if we need larger equipment
  • Discuss with you how much of the stump should be removed, if that’s part of your package
  • Take proper safety precautions in case anything goes wrong during the removal
  • Perform careful cuts so that branches and trunk fall in the right direction and don’t damage anything else

People often underestimate how difficult it is to cut down a tree properly. This can result in expensive property damage, personal injury or even death. We’ve seen it all, and we have highly skilled professionals who know exactly what they’re doing. Our experienced and knowledgeable tree crews will safely remove any size tree located on your property and care for your yard with minimal disruption to your schedule.


3 Signs You Need Fort Worth Tree Service 

  • Trees are leaning or overhanging your house. This is especially true if you have a tall tree in your yard that has grown up to the point where its weight causes it to lean over to one side. If this happens, there is a high risk that the tree could fall onto your home in a storm or high wind event.
  • Dead branches are hanging from live ones. Dead branches can be hazardous because they can break off at any time, causing damage to everything they land on — like cars or people.
  • Insect infestation: Insects like beetles, borers and moths can cause damage to the trunk of a tree. This damage can lead to rot which will weaken the strength of the tree’s trunk, which could lead to collapse and pest infestation that can spread disease throughout other parts of the tree.

Choose a Dedicated Fort Worth Tree Service

Whether you need a few branches trimmed or a large tree removed, at Chippers Fort Worth Tree Service, we have the tools and skills to get your job done safely and efficiently. Our responsive service makes it easy for you to contact someone whenever you need home tree services.

State-of-the-art technology helps us give your home a one-on-one approach. Our team of trained arborists provides high-quality workmanship, so you’ll enjoy your yard once again. Once you’ve seen our work, you won’t want anyone else tending to your trees.

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