It is common to observe that the trees in our yards or landscapes if left unchecked, tend to grow all over the place. This can be rather unsightly for people who take pride in their gardens. It makes the property look messy and unkempt, as well as restricts the growth of other plants and prevents them from reaching maximum potential.

Tree pruning services can help control tree growth, improve their appearance and maintain their health. At Chippers Tree Service, our arborists prune and trim trees in various ways, all designed to improve tree health and the aesthetics of your landscape.

The Preservation of Tree Health

Tree pruning is more than just cutting off branches—it’s an art form that ensures the longevity and health of your trees. Your tree pruning service will be able to evaluate each branch and determine whether it needs to be trimmed or removed to keep the tree as healthy and robust as possible. This process will result in less stress placed on the remaining branches of your tree, which minimizes the risk of damage and disease.

At Chippers Tree Service, our specialists have undergone training in proper tree pruning techniques and can trim trees with minimal foliage removal. Properly-pruned trees are safer during high winds and storms because they are not so top-heavy with dead branches that can easily snap off under pressure. This can help prevent personal injury due to falling debris, as well as property damage from broken limbs hitting nearby structures such as cars or homes.

Any homeowner can prune if the tree is small enough, but it is always best to hire professionals for larger trees. We will evaluate each branch and determine whether it needs to be trimmed or removed. Pruned trees also allow for better airflow throughout, which helps improve the overall health of all parts of the plant, including its root system.

What Happens If Tree Pruning Is Neglected?

Trees are like people. They need regular checkups and proper care to stay healthy. If you neglect your tree pruning, you could end up with dead branches, broken limbs, and even whole trees that are severely damaged by storms. This will drastically lower your property value and make your property less appealing. If you don’t maintain your trees regularly, they will become diseased, and their growth will be stunted.

Untrimmed trees can cause damage to homes by blocking sunlight, breaking branches and falling on houses and cars. They can also cause traffic accidents if they fall onto roads or sidewalks. Neglecting tree pruning can become a breeding ground for insects such as termites and whiteflies.

We suggest to get tree pruning services annually to maintain the health of newly planted and new-growth trees. We understand that each client’s tree situation is different, and we pride ourselves on tailoring our services to fit each client’s needs and budget.


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