Trees get sick and die all the time, whether you believe it or not. As tempting as it may seem, you should not allow a tree to decay and fall down on its own. A professional tree removal service, such as Chippers Tree Services can help you prevent extensive property damage. It is important you keep an eye out for the signs mentioned in this blog and call your friendly tree and shrub removal service.

Signs You Need Removal Services

  1. Cracks in the Bark

Tree bark comes loose and falls off all the time. Moreover, you shouldn’t notice any dents or holes in the tree trunk. This is not a good sign. This means that there are harmful creatures, such as insects or pests living in the tree. It is a sure sign that your tree needs expert help.

  1. Dead Branches

Maybe you noticed one side of the tree to have withered leaves while the other has fresh ones growing. Or, maybe you observed that certain branches don’t have any bark on them. This is a sure sign of tree sickness. Sick branches can come off during windstorms and cause damage to property and life.

You should either have a tree expert take a look at the dying tree and find ways to save it or you could simply have it removed from the property. We have seen such trees cause a lot of damage in the Fort Worth area. Sometimes, it is better to cut your losses and plant a new one, especially if the tree is still in its infant stages.

  1. Mushrooms

Fungal growth and mushrooms are another sign of a diseased tree. You may notice mushrooms growing out of the tree. The tree may have soft bark as well. You should call the tree removal experts immediately if you notice signs of fungus growth.

  1. Changes in Leaf Amount of Color

It is alright for leaves to turn color during the fall or spring. However, the tree should not experience any sudden changes in leaf color. This may indicate something uncharacteristically wrong with the tree or shrub. A reduction in the amount of leaves present is another sign of sickness. This is usually noticed on the top half of the tree.

Benefits of Removing Diseased Trees and Shrubs

There are several pests and diseases that can easily transfer from one tree or shrub to the next. You may be placing your entire yard at risk if you don’t have the diseased tree or shrub taken care of quickly. As a leading tree removal service in Fort Worth, we routinely come across homeowners that had to have their entire yard treated because of pesky insects and pests. Experts recommended to have a diseased tree or shrub removed before it can cause damage to other plants.

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