To prune or not to prune is a question that haunts many tree owners. Pruning doesn’t just help in sprucing up your trees and yard, it also plays a major role in the way your trees will live and grow. Tree pruning helps in getting rid of the weak parts. Stemming from this, you should always call a professional Fort Worth tree trimming expert to get the job done. After all, cutting off branches haphazardly may be detrimental to the tree’s health. It is not as easy as we make it seem to prune a tree in Fort Worth Texas.

These are a few different signs that it’s time to prune your trees:

Diseased Trees

It is no fun to have a diseased tree on your property. You can consider pruning off the damaged and diseased parts if your tree has a disease. Diseases can be from insects, pests and other organisms that invade the tree. They come in various shapes and sizes. Pruning can be useful in removing organisms that cause damage to the tree.

You know the tree is diseased if it has abnormal looking branches or bark. The leaves may suddenly take on a yellow color during off-season. Observe the tree closely. Do you notice a few branches to be of a different color than the rest? We recommend that you give us a call if you think your tree may be diseased. We will assess the disease and prune off the affected areas. Otherwise, you may end up losing the tree.

Damaged Trees

In our years of experience, we have come across several trees that were damaged beyond recognition during inclement weather. Damaged trees after a storm don’t just pose a threat to property – but to people as well. They may topple at any time. You may think your tree is fine, only to find out that it has structural root damage. When called in for an inspection, we always start from the roots.

You cannot expect to prevent damage by simply hacking off the damaged parts. You need to have the right expert with the right tools to prune the tree. We can assess the damage and prune the tree whether it has loose branches or has begun leaning.

Overgrown Trees

At Chippers Tree Services, we have seen that overgrown trees pose a much greater threat than diseased and damaged trees combined. Any tree that has an excessive number of leaves and branches, is focusing all of its energy on nourishing those branches and cultivating a strong structure. With that said, this results in the tree becoming weak. Unfortunately, weak trees are more susceptible to falls or getting damaged. You should call the experts if you are unsure about how to prune a tree in Fort Worth Texas.

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