A tree is a fantastic addition to your home, but it can quickly become a problem if it’s not cared for. If you notice that your tree is dying or showing signs of illness, it’s time to call in the pros. Tree removal services can help deal with several issues – from storm damage to disease prevention. And when it comes to Tree Removal Fort Worth, we at Chippers Tree Service are the experts. Our experience and expertise allow us to remove trees without damaging your property or surrounding plants.

We can help you remove trees in the following scenarios:

Overgrown Roots

Tree roots can grow anywhere from 10 feet to 100 feet from the trunk of the tree, depending on what kind of tree it is. If the roots are too close to your home, they could damage it or cause cracks in your foundation. If the roots of your trees poke holes in plumbing pipes or seep through cracks in concrete walls, it can lead to costly repairs. Our skilled team can identify the right equipment and tools needed to remove any tree that has overextended its roots.

Hanging Branches or Leaning Trees

If your tree is hanging over your roof, it could be a safety hazard. If it gets too close to the house, chances are there is no way of removing it without damaging the structure. It could fall on your home or, even worse, on the people inside. If this happens and you didn’t do anything about it beforehand, you may be liable for damages and injuries. Our tree removal experts will cut such trees at their base, so they fall in the direction of least resistance.

Over-crowding Trees

Trees are often planted in rows or patterns to shade other plants and flowers. However, when there are too many trees in one area, they begin to crowd out other plants and make it hard for them to grow. In this case, we will analyze which trees need to be removed and get rid of them so that other plants can thrive again.

Damaged or Dying Trees

A tree experiencing a decline in health can be more susceptible to insects and diseases. As the tree becomes weaker and more susceptible to these problems, it is less likely to recover with treatment. In some cases, the damage is so severe that the only option is to eradicate the tree and plant new ones.

When trees are damaged, they can lose their structural integrity and fall over, causing property damage and possibly injuring people. Damaged trees can also be a serious risk during an emergency or natural disaster when falling branches and other tree parts can cause injury or even death. Our team will help you with the entire Tree Removal Fort Worth process, including selecting a suitable tree species, trimming it according to your needs, transplanting it into your yard and then giving you advice on how to take care of it.

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