Choosing a tree service can be a difficult decision. Whether your Dallas area home has dangerous trees that need to be removed or your property needs selective pruning and trimming, we can fulfill your arborist needs. Chippers Tree Services employs licensed, insured, and bonded arborists with years of combined experience in the field. We want to ensure you know what to look for in a tree service provider so that you rest assured that your trees are receiving the best possible care.

We pride ourselves on putting the customer first, so you can feel confident knowing we value your experience. Below are our services offered:

Tree Trimming and Pruning

This focus on the health of trees rather than aesthetics. This can include such preventative measures as removing dead or diseased branches, or it might mean cutting branches to reduce the amount of weight a tree has to carry and prevent it from falling over.

Tree Removal

It involves cutting down an entire tree. It’s primarily used when trees are dead, dying, or dangerous to have around for other reasons—for instance, if they’re blocking access to power lines or covering a house with their drooping limbs. We use only modern equipment and techniques in performing tree removal operations.

Stump Grinding

We have several different options for stump grinding. Smaller trees can be ground down into mulch that our customers can use around their gardens. For larger trees, we can grind down the stumps as small as a quarter of an inch so that they are nearly invisible when planted in a flowerbed or lawn. If a customer is unsure what they would like done with their stump after it has been ground down, they can leave it up to our experts, and we will make sure that it is disposed of properly.

Tree Cabling and Bracing

We’re experts in bracing and cabling for weak, brittle, and damaged branches for trees. We’ve developed a tree support system with cables holding the branch against the trunk. Our combination of cables and bracing is designed to prevent branches from breaking in extreme weather or snow loads. We can make your trees more secure and sustainable through proper tree cabling and bracing.

The Final Word

Whether you need tree trimming services, tree removal services, or just a consultation with one of the experts at Chippers, we have you covered. Our expert arborists can even provide a free arborist report for your insurance company following any work we do on your property so that you are well protected against any potential problems arising from our services. No matter what you need from us, we’re excited to help out, and we would be more than happy to schedule a consultation with one of our experts at your convenience

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