If you are experiencing an uneven surface or notice more dirt and mulch being thrown into the air around your trees, tree stumps have begun to break up. The wood is decomposing, and it’s time for you to call us to grind away the remains of these stumps.
If a stump is not removed, new roots could start growing into the decomposing stump, creating problems with your landscaping. Besides, stumps are not only an eyesore but can also be dangerous and cause injury. That is why you must seek help from a professional stump grinding Dallas Company to do the job right.
At Chippers Tree Service, we’ll remove your stumps quickly and safely and ensure that your property is left looking better than ever. Here’s why we recommend getting rid of those pesky stumps as soon as possible: stump grinding Dallas

Safety Hazard

Stumps are tripping hazards, and termites love them. In addition, stumps that have been cut can also become a significant fire hazard if they’re not handled correctly and appropriately removed.
Our specialists will grind down any size stump in no time, leaving no trace of it except for fresh soil where the stump used to be. This will help you save money on home repairs because you won’t have to worry about stepping on dangerous objects while walking in your yard or paying somebody to remove them.

Cost You Money

Pesky stumps can make it hard for your lawnmower to get around, causing damage to the mower blades and possibly damaging your grass. It’s also difficult for your sprinkler system to reach the roots of your lawn without hitting the stump first. The longer a stump sits there, the more likely its roots will spread out over time and cause issues with your property. Having us come out and grind down those stumps means you won’t have to worry about any of these problems anymore.

Attract Pests

Termites are attracted to the chemicals produced when trees decompose, so stumps will always be where they would like to nest. In fact, the presence of a stump is like a beacon for termites. They can quickly infest it and begin tunneling through it, causing damage to the surrounding area.
They also release pheromones that attract more termites to the stump for a massive colony that can cause severe structural damage if not controlled. Other pests, such as ants and beetles, may also be attracted to the stump for the same reasons: its proximity to food sources and potential nesting sites. This makes it all the more necessary to eliminate these unwanted wooden pieces.

How Can Chippers Tree Service Help?

Stump grinding involves removing stumps from the ground and cutting them into smaller pieces. This is done using a chipper machine, which can grind any tree or plant material into small bits. We have expertly trained technicians and the best tools available for safely removing these unsightly pieces of wood left behind in your yard.

You’ll be able to control the size and depth of the stump cavity, so it looks exactly how you want it to look when we’re done with it. As a dedicated and professional stump grinding Dallas service provider, we offer emergency and 24/7 service on all commercial and residential projects.

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