tree trimming experts


You may be in need of tree trimming experts if it has just dawned on you that trees in your yard are getting bigger than what’s acceptable. You need to do something about them before they become potential risks. There are various ways to reduce a tree to acceptable size. However, it is important that you discuss the pros and cons with a tree trimming services provider before making a decision. We usually recommend crown reduction over tree topping. However, both of these have their own pros and cons.

Here’s what you need to know about them.

What is Crown Reduction?

This is a common method of controlling the size of a tree and maintaining a perfect shape. We find crown reduction to be more ideal than tree topping. The method involves preserving the general structure of a tree while reducing foliage. It needs a special technique which successfully trims the overall shape and reduces the size of the tree.

We usually remove the limbs in the uppermost portion of the tree canopy or cut them short. This is done while ensuring that the cuts heal quickly and can grow again properly. We advise that you never cut more than 20% of a tree’s canopy.

What Is Tree Topping?

Tree topping is an outdated method of reducing the size of the tree. It is also called rounding over, hat-racking, tipping, and heading. It involves removing all the large branches in the treetop while leaving stumps and lateral branches.

We do not advise this method for controlling tree size because in most cases it ends up severely stressing the tree and even killing it. Most professional arborists including us agree that tree topping should never be used as a primary pruning method. The only time you should use this technique is when you want the tree removed completely.

Crown Reduction vs. Tree Topping

Tree topping is not recommended since it is only left with lateral branches. The leaves are not enough for producing and delivering nutrition throughout the tree. However, topping comes in beneficial when a tree has undergone severe damage. For instance, lightning struck trees that are damaged beyond repair can be removed with this technique. We believe the only time you should resort to tree topping is when you have a severely damaged tree.

In comparison, the effects of crown reduction are not harmful for the tree. You can consider this technique a more scientific way of reducing the height. Dying branches and limbs are properly trimmed in this method. The health of a tree is greatly improved allowing for fresh growth and a more vibrant top. As tree trimming experts we strongly suggest crown reduction over tree topping.