5 Telltale Signs It’s Time to Call a Local Tree Service in Dallas

As a homeowner, your trees are your responsibility, and you should hire a local tree service when something comes up – like when you a tree pruning service or a stump removal service. The problem is that sometimes it’s hard to tell if there is actually a problem with your tree. As a general rule of thumb, there are certain things that should automatically tell you to call for professional assistance.

Your trees can provide you with natural beauty, shade, and a home for wildlife, but you need to keep them healthy to reap their benefits for years to come. Today, Chippers Tree Service is going to show you the signs it’s time to seek out professional local tree services.

  1. The Branches Are Hanging Low

One sign that it’s time to call in a professional is when your branches are hanging too low. If the branches have grown too close to the ground or are growing too close to electric wires, you need to call a tree trimming company immediately.

  1. The Tree Is Irregularly Shaped

In some cases, something will look off about your tree, but you might not know there is a problem. If branches are growing unevenly or your tree is leaning to one side, it might be time to call a tree service company for a professional evaluation.

Here at Chippers Tree Service, we know that when a tree is lopsided or is leaning to one side that there’s a problem. We can easily diagnose the problem and help you come up with a solution to encourage your tree to start growing correctly.

  1. The Tree Has Dead Branches

Anytime you see dead branches on your tree, you should call a local tree service immediately. Dead or broken branches mean there is something wrong with the tree; it either has a disease or infestation.

In addition, dead branches are more likely to fall off and injure someone or your property. It is essential to remove these dead branches right away before something bad happens to your property or loved ones.

  1. Diseased Trees

A tree can look healthy from the outside, but it might be weakened due to disease on the inside. Diseased trees run the risk of falling. Warning signs of a diseased tree include cavities in the trunk, a hollow trunk, deep cracks, and missing bark. The ideal way to ensure that your trees stay healthy for many years to come is to schedule regular evaluations with Chippers Tree Service. We will inspect, trim, and maintain your trees to help them grow properly, look attractive, and stay disease-free.

  1. Severe Storms

Out of the many things we love about Dallas, storms isn’t one of them. While your trees might be strong and healthy, they can still suffer severe damage from the storms we get here in Dallas. During storm season, your trees are prone to taking a beating. If your trees are leaning, falling, or have broken branches after a severe storm, it’s a sign you need to call a tree removal company, like Chippers Tree Service.

Even if a damaged tree or branch appears to be stable, it can still pose a serious threat to your family and property, and that’s the last thing you want.

If after reading this article you think your tree has a problem, give us a call and let us come out and evaluate your trees. We can provide you with a free consultation and will be happy to answer any questions you might have. As the leading local tree service in Dallas, we’re confident you’ll choose us for the job!

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Key Reasons to Invest in Professional Tree Trimming Services

Do you know the benefits of investing in tree trimming services?  Well, you’re going to find out everything about that today.  If you own a home with a backyard or front yard full of trees, then you might notice that some of your trees could use a little tidying up, and that’s where tree pruning and trimming comes into play.

Tree trimming services can help you improve the curb appeal of your home, with just a little fine pruning and trimming here and there.  There are endless benefits for homeowners who regularly have their trees trimmed.  But first, let’s discuss the tree trimming services that are available.

There are four tree trimming services available to help you keep your trees looking and living healthy.  Fine pruning, standard pruning, hazard trimming, and crown reduction trimming.  The fine pruning is a process of tree limb removal that gives your trees a healthier look.  Standard pruning is something most homeowners have done to improve their tree branch structure.  This type of pruning is usually heavy cutting.  Hazard trimming removes dangerous branches that could cause potential harm, while crown reduction trimming is done for major tree branch removal.  This type of trimming usually takes place after a major storm.

Why You Need Tree Trimming Services

Hiring professional tree trimming services, like we provide here at Chippers Tree Service, is a tremendous convenience for you, especially if you have a few trees in your backyard that need to be taken care of.  All the hours of labor will be taken off your hands and put into ours.  We have the experience and knowledge to properly trim your trees and keep them healthy for years to come.  Trimming trees can be a tedious task, not to mention a dangerous one.  We have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to do the job right while maintain safety all around.

Regular Tree Trimming Leads to Healthy & Happy Trees

Hiring professional tree services will guarantee healthy trees for years to come.  The health of your trees will be evaluated, and we will remove weaker and dead branches and twigs.  We will also assess your trees for disease and infestations and remove the affected branches before they spread.  We will check for dangerous branches that could cause damage if they break off.

Additionally, our arborists know how to properly trim trees of all species so you get the professional results you’re looking for.  We will ensure we properly trim so your trees to help them give off a radiant appeal, encourage better circulation, and promote new growth.  Our company is the leading provider of tree trimming services in Dallas-Fort Worth.  We also provide tree pruning, tree removal services, and stump grinding, so you can count on us for all of your tree needs.

Trimming your trees on your own can be a very dangerous job, especially getting up on a rickety ladder.  The cost of hiring our tree services is nothing compared to the money you would spend on a hospital bill if you take a fall from a ladder or cut one of your fingers.  We have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right to ensure that your trees stay healthy and strong for years to come.  Call us today to inquire about our tree services, and let us show you why we are the preferred tree company in Dallas-Fort Worth.

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Vital Questions to Ask the Tree Service Company Before You Hire

As the leading local tree service company in Dallas-Fort Worth, we know there are some jobs that are just too big and dangerous for everyday people to complete. Many tree services require a professional to take care of the job. Our rule of thumb here at Chippers Tree Service is that if you cannot work with both feet on the ground, you should hire a professional tree service company to handle it for you.

Here at Chippers Tree Service, we know how dangerous it can be to work on a ladder. When a job requires involves heights, you need a professional with years of experience and proper training to perform the job. There are many risky things that come into play, including powerlines, wildlife, fences, buildings, and neighboring homes and properties.

Of course hiring a tree service company also comes with its own risks. You need to hire a professional and reputable company to protect your home and property. If you are looking for local tree services and are about to hire a local company, here are the most important questions you want to ask them before you hire:

1. Do they have an up-to-date certificate of insurance?

This is the most vital question to ask to ensure your own protection. You want to ensure that the company that is doing the job is properly insured and that you will not be liable for any damages or accidents.

2. Do they have credentials?

Before hiring a tree service company to work on your property, you need to find out if they have the right credentials.

3. Do they have references?

Any successful tree service company will have referrals and will not mind sharing them with you. Ask them to provide past customers so you can get a feel for how they operate.

4. Do they provide estimates for local tree services?

Any reputable company will give you a written estimate for the job that is about to be done. Here at Chippers Tree Service, if we do not complete what is written in our proposal, we do not expect our customers to pay. We urge you to beware of smaller so-called tree service companies that ask you for a partial payment before the job is done. This is something we would never do.

5. How long with the project take?

This question should be explained in the estimate the company provides you. This is why it’s so important to receive a professional estimate.

6. Do they appear professional?

What does the company’s vehicle look like? Is the truck clean and well cared for? Do the employees curse, smoke cigarettes, or seem careless around your property? Do they have a professional website? Does the website have referrals and feel inviting? Can you see pictures of previous jobs? Do they give you an idea of how they operate?

If you’re in need of local tree services, it is important to protect yourself and your property by hiring a professional and reputable tree service company. Just because something initially sounds cheap doesn’t mean it’s going to be cheap in the end. After all, it could end up costing you thousands of dollars more down the road.

If you are in need of any kind of tree service in Dallas-Fort Worth, contact Chippers Tree Service. We are a family-owned and operated company with more than 30 years of combined experience providing quality work at affordable prices.

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