As the leader of tree pruning services in Dallas, we know why you must prune your trees in winter.  Each winter, your trees will go into a dormant stage, during which their vascular activity, energy consumption, and sap production slows down, making it an ideal time to prune them.  Working with a reliable and experienced company that provides top notch tree services in Dallas, such as Chippers Tree Service, will be ideal for your trees appearance and overall health.

In our many years of providing tree pruning services in Dallas, we’ve done thousands of tree pruning jobs in the area.  We have the experience and expertise but are also soft on your wallet.  We have some of the most competitive prices in the area, so if you’re thinking about pruning your trees this winter, let our arborists show you why it’s so important and vital.

Tree Pruning Is Ideal for Your Trees’ Health

Dead, dying, or infected branches should be removed from your tree immediately to prevent further damage, disease, or infestation from spreading throughout the tree.  Branches that are too close together or ones that rub one another can damage your tree and need to be pruned immediately.  Chippers Tree Service will properly identify which branches can potentially cause harm to the tree.  We have the experience, knowledge, and the proper tools to remove dead limbs and branches that are detrimental to the health of your tree.

Narrowly-Angled Tree Branches & Limbs Are Very Hazardous

One of the main reasons you need to prune your trees every winter is to prevent an accident.  The narrower the angle of the branch, the weaker it will be.  Those that overhang homes, cars, buildings, sidewalks, or powerlines can cause serious damage if they break off.

High winds can weaken the limbs further and cause them to snap and break off.  Branches and limbs that obscure the entry of your home or driveway should be removed to prevent an accident for you and your family.  This is where Chippers Tree Service comes into the equation.  We will determine which branches are hazardous to you and yours and remove them to give you peace of mind.

But aside from unhealthy limbs and dangerous branches, pruning your trees every winter with professional tree pruning services will promote tree growth for aesthetic purposes and help rise the crown for maximum strength.

What Type of Tree Pruning Is Available?

The most common type of tree trimming and tree pruning services available are crown thinning, crown rising, and crown reduction.

  • Crown thinning removes weak branches in the tree and thins its density to promote a better penetration of light and improve the flow of air.
  • Crowning rising removes lower branches that are hanging too low. Branches close to driveways, lawns, and sidewalks will be removed.
  • Crown reduction reduces the height of your tree by removing the higher branches. This type of pruning service is recommended when the tree has branches that are too close to powerlines or other potentially dangerous scenarios.  We will inspect your trees and determine if they could cause any harm to people or property.

It is important to hire a reputable tree care company, such as our here at Chippers Tree Service, who provides year-round tree pruning services in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Pruning a tree is not something easy and requires the hand of a professional.  There are many important decisions and methods to pruning.  Only those with experience can properly prune a tree without risking the tree’s health or posing a danger to people or property.  If you are looking for a reputable tree pruning company in Dallas, contact Chippers Tree Service today by calling 972-743-9959 and getting a FREE estimate!

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