Pruning is the term used for removing dead or living parts of a tree. Tree pruning services include removal of limbs, soft growth, twigs, branches, parts of the root system, or the tree’s trunk (also called aerial growth). Commercial tree pruning service can ensure that trees grow without any conflict with people or property.

Tree operations at Chippers Tree Service are carried out in a manner that prevents structure failure and reduces the risk to property and people. We make sure that no harm comes to your trees once we are through with pruning.

Here are few reasons why you should retain the services of professional tree pruning contractors.

1. Allows for well-balanced trees

Trees should be allowed to grow naturally. However, sometimes they may grow in such a way as to pose risk to property and people. In these types of circumstances, it’s crucial that formative pruning or trimming of aerial growth takes place. We usually carry out formative trimming on young trees so that they mature into strong, healthy and well-balanced trees without any defects.

2. Makes them look aesthetically appealing

On a commercial property, trees should always be in their prime with a green crown. Dead branches or diseases foliage can result in a brownish or a greenish appearance. Our expertise in lopping off dying or diseased branches can come in helpful if you are looking to re-establish a green crown on your trees.

This is also known as dead-wooding. We ensure that all dead wood is cut back to an appropriate live wood junction without disturbing healthy growth.

3. Makes the trees appear taller

You don’t have to be stuck with young trees that have low ground clearance. Having experts like us perform crown lifting procedure on the trees can increase vertical clearance right under the canopy. This can help your landscape appear more mature. We remove soft growth and low-lying branches without disturbing the crown foliage. No harm comes to the trees. In fact, our experience states that pruning actually allows for a more robust and healthier growth.

4. Reshaping trees for a better landscape

Commercial establishments need to have a well-manicured appearance where their lawns and landscape is concerned. We can help you get there by reshaping or thinning the trees to a shape and size suitable to you. A systematic approach is required to remove secondary live woody branches from the crown area. This helps in reducing density and makes room for even growth.

Reshaping also includes crown reduction that involves the removal of outer branches to reduce the overall size of the crown. The right commercial tree pruning service would have the necessary technical knowledge and expertise to reshape asymmetrical crowns. Professional tree trimming contractors would also be in a position to help you with ivy severance, coppicing, and pollarding.