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As the leading tree service removal company in Dallas, we have removed thousands of trees for clients.  We know how beneficial trees are to our lives.  They shield us and protect us, provide shade for our property, and provide the perfect place for Mother Nature to gather.  They are beautiful, comforting, and provide us with unconditional love.  To put it in simple terms, they are an extension of our family.

It goes without saying that having a tree service removal company come in and rip out one of your beautiful trees can be difficult.  Just imagine looking out your window, sipping your morning coffee and not seeing your beautiful big oak tree like you’ve done your whole life.  Rather than seeing birds chirping on the branches and leaves blowing in the wind, now you see an open and empty space and hideous leftover roots.

Trees bring us many benefits that range from physical, mental, and emotional.  They can enhance our everyday happiness, so we definitely don’t want to see them go.

But as the leading tree service removal company in Dallas, we know that trees can sometimes pose a danger to people and objects, and sometimes it’s safer to say goodbye.

We know the risks involved, from falling branches to collapsing trees.  The risks can be life threatening and very expensive.  Today we’ll share some examples of structural or physical damage you need to check for to make sure your trees are strong and healthy and don’t need to be removed.

When You Should Remove a Tree

You must first take a look at the roots and determine what is happening there.  Check for the following six signs of tree damage to determine if your tree needs to go.

  1. Heaving soil at the base of the trunk of the tree
  2. Decay producing fungi on the trunk of the tree
  3. Chipped or peeled bark on the trunk of the tree
  4. Cavities in the trunk of the tree
  5. Dead branches in the upper crown of the tree
  6. Fine twigs without living buds

Remember that your tree is a living organism and can also die.  As trees grow and mature, they provide us with endless benefits, but just as a person ages, a tree ages as well and could pose danger to you and your family.

To keep your home and family safe, you need to ensure your tree is healthy and isn’t posing any danger to your family or neighbors.  Your tree might need some branches trimmed and pruned, a pest and disease treatment, or maybe it needs to be completely removed.

If you are unsure where your tree stands, contact us here at Chippers Tree Removal and let one of our tree cutting service experts assess your tree and help you make the right decision.

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