Generally, when homeowners have trees felled in their property, they do not consider removing tree stumps. This is often because of the excessive labor involved that can inflate overall costs. With Chippers Tree Service you never have to worry about high costs.

We offer free estimates and never go beyond the budget as one of the most affordable tree stump removal contractors.

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider having that tree stump removed.

1. You can greatly improve the way your property looks

Tree stumps can prove to be ungainly and unsightly. There is nothing worse than having stumps stick out like sore thumbs right in the middle of a well-landscaped and beautiful yard.

We are professional arborists and we understand that you want your property looking the best. Once we take care of that tree stump you would once again fall in love with your yard. This holds especially true if you are looking to sell your property and want a higher price. 

2. Prevents fresh growth

You may just create an unknown kink in your plans of clearing out your yard by leaving a stump intact. There are countless resilient tree species that would just begin growing again out of the decapitated stump. In some species, you can have a small tree sticking out in just 3 months. Stumps are organic matter and are a perfect nurturing place for more organic matter to grow. You need to make sure the stumps are removed if you want the land to be cleared for your next project.

3. Prevents insects from nesting

There is no yard that is completely free of insects. However, there is no reason to invite them or make them feel comfy by giving them a nesting place. Insects can prove to be real pests when you are trying to maintain a beautiful garden.

They can prove to be dangerous to other trees and shrubs. Certain insect bites may even be dangerous for you. We have the necessary expertise and knowledge to completely grind down stumps and fill the resulting gaping hole with wood chips or sawdust to discourage insects.

4. Free up more yard space

The first thing you should do when you feel you are running out of room is to remove excessive greenery. Removing tree stumps is a more appealing decision than felling trees or uprooting your partner’s favorite flower bed. We can help you increase space in your yard that gives you a better sense of comfort so that you and your loved ones can enjoy completely.

Tree stumps are dangerous and must not be allowed to remain in a yard. Our affordable tree stump removal services can take care of the most stubborn stumps and even big roots without a hitch.