tree maintenance services


Caring for your trees can be a great pastime. There is nothing better to do than help your tree grow and flourish. And, this includes performing tree maintenance services routinely. While there are many things you can do yourself, some tasks are better left to Fort Worth tree service professionals. For instance, we can come and take care of stump grinding or tree removal services.

In any case, you need the right set of tools to give your landscape a perfectly manicured look. You will be amazed at how rapidly you can enhance the appearance of your trees by trimming and pruning the lower messy branches. However, before you attempt to do anything with your trees, it is important that you get the right set of tools and gear. Here’s what we recommend to all our DIY tree enthusiasts to get started:

  1. Safety Goggles

You need to stay safe while you carry out any tree maintenance project. Safety goggles are a must when you prune or trim your trees. You never know which tangle of branches may come and slap you in the face. It is possible for a small splinter to make its way into your eye as well. Keep your eyes safe with safety goggles and never walk anywhere without your goggles.

Safety goggles can be helpful while spraying pesticide or herbicide on your tree. Even the slightest wind can blow spray into your eyes.

  1. Pruning Loppers

Many people think that chainsaws are the best way to remove dead branches or to effectively trim a tree. However, if you want to make precise cuts on your tree then you need to invest in powerful pruning loppers. The handles should be at least 2 feet long.

Pruning loppers are easier to maneuver than chainsaws and can easily get into cramped spaces. You can cut through branches that are an inch thick and quickly complete your trimming project.

  1. Pruning Shears

One of the most important tasks in any tree maintenance service is removing dead branches and twigs. You don’t want your tree wasting its energy on damaged, decaying or rotten twigs when it could be used towards overall growth. We especially like pruning shears since they fit the palm easily and are perfect for trimming root suckers, bushes, and tiny branches.

Pruning shears are great even if you are looking to remove seedling trees growing in unsuitable locations. We always like keeping a pair on hand since they are so much more suitable to removing a series of small trims.

There are many other tools you would need when performing tree maintenance services. For instance, you need the right set of gloves, long sleeved jacket, wood chipper, and a saw. These tools are just to get you started.