With spring time upon us, it is the perfect time for homeowners to get out and begin taking action with landscaping and tree cutting. Before you jump the gun and start with your DIY tree trimming tasks, you might want to consider how dangerous it actually is to tackle the job on your own.

Little do most homeowners realize – tree cutting is much more life threatening than you might imagine. There have been countless stories from homeowners tackling their own tree trimming and cutting leading to horrendous results from inexperience.

To ensure your safety, keep reading to see how dangerous tree cutting on your own actually is and why you might want to leave it to the professional experts who have years of experience tackling such jobs.

Improper Usage of Tools  

Cutting a tree is really not as simple or straightforward as climbing a ladder and trimming away. DIY homeowners must consider the proper protective gear that is required by city laws and regulations. On top of proper protective gear that you’ll need from head to toe, you’ll also need high quality tools including chainsaws, sharp saws, ropes, cranes, and wood chippers. If you are not a trained tree care professional with prior knowledge and experience using this type of hazardous equipment properly, you risk hurting yourself.

Fatal Accidents

When a tree is cut, it is impossible to predict where the falling tree, branch, or limb will end up landing. The unpredictable falling of the tree can end up landing on the person cutting the tree, powerlines, or the property leading to injuries or possibly even death.

Falling from the tree is another high-risk accident that homeowners suffer commonly when attempting to perform the job on their own. If not properly harnessed, DIY tree cutters can easily lose their grip and footing while up high on the ladder and suffer fatal injuries.


If your home or business is near a powerline, this leaves you at extreme risk and danger while attempting to cut the tree. If you or any tool that you are using to cut the tree accidentally touches the powerline, this leaves you at risk for severe electrocution or worse, death. If you think that power lines are safe due to it’s insulated black coating, think again – this merely protects the power lines from extreme weather and still leaves you at risk of being electrocuted.

As you can see, tree cutting is not a task to be taken lightly and is an extremely dangerous job with too many risks involved if you are an amateur homeowner looking to take on some DIY tree cutting projects.

Ask yourself – is your life really worth the risk? Why put yourself at risk with dangerous tree cutting when you could leave it to the professionals to get the job done properly, efficiently, and most importantly – safely? If you are looking for superb professional tree cutting services in Dallas, Fort Worth – Metroplex area, Chippers Tree Service can help assist you today. Contact us today at 972-743-9959 for a FREE estimate and more information.