fort worth tree service, leaning tree imageTree leaning is never a good sign. Trees that have developed a lean suddenly and are quickly drooping may require prompt action. As the leading tree service in Fort Worth, TX, we are often asked whether leaning trees need to be cut down or not. The short answer is that it depends on whether the lean is a risk or not. You should get a professional Fort Worth, TX tree service take a look at the tree to assess whether it poses a risk or not.

Low Risk Leans

Determining whether a tree developed the lean quickly or not can help you identify whether it needs to be removed or not. Slow leaning trees that got that way over time are usually low risk. While they cannot be corrected or straightened, they are rarely at a risk of toppling over. These trees usually lean because of phototropism.

This is when trees facing competition with other trees starts leaning away for a clearer view of the sun. The roots start growing in the opposite direction of the lean to provide support and act as an anchor. Once the tree has an established lean, it will continue growing in the same direction.

High Risk Leans

Certain trees are a high fall risk. These are the ones that developed their lean too quickly. It doesn’t matter whether a tree is big or small, sudden leaning usually indicates an unstable root system. We usually look for raised ground around the tree. This is generally on the opposite end of the lean. The root system becomes incapable of anchoring the tree and is dragged above ground.

You should also look for any disturbance to nearby fences or structures. Shallow roots in Texas are usually caused by shallow soils comprising mainly of limestone. Frequent periods of flooding and drought can cause further shifts in the soil. This can hamper proper formation of root system.

Such trees are at a high risk of toppling over and should be removed almost immediately. Depending on the tree structure and species, we usually try our best to remove the tree for replanting. This is if there is no root rot or any other diseases on the tree. Root rot caused by fungus can result in quick death of the root system.

Address Sudden Leans Quickly

There is nothing you can do if your tree has grown into the lean overtime. Stabilizing such trees could damage the root structure and place the tree stability at risk. However, trees with sudden leans need to be acted on quickly. The cause of the lean should be addressed immediately. If not, you should get a reputed Fort Worth, TX tree service to remove the tree. tree service in Fort Worth.


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