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Yearly, millions of trees are removed for various reasons including trees in the way of new construction
Chippers Tree Service offers tree stump grinding and stump removal services in the Dallas-Fort Worth
Tree Cabling and bracing are unique hardware used to support tree branches and leders (tree trunk) that may

We offer FREE wood chips to gardeners who want wood chips for their landscaping needs.

Drop Off Protocol:

  • Must have at least 15-16 ft. of overhead clearance in the area dropping off wood chips so the dump can lift.
  • Dump truck holds approximately 26 yards of wood chips (mulch).  See picture.
  • Preferred to dump in a paved area or a place that the truck can easily back up into.
  • No tight areas or in backyards where a dump truck can’t access.
  • MUST take full load. No partial loads.
  • Loads may have a few longer twigs when we process thin branches. We do our best to dump mainly wood chips.  

Benefits of Wood Chips:

  • It’s FREE! We prune and remove trees all year and have an endless supply of mulch.  
  • Wood chips are simply chunks of tree branches that have been run through the wood chipper and are not processed like the mulch found in stores. No Dye or chemicals. All Natural.
  • When the wood chips break down, it becomes beneficial to soil and feeds the tree roots as well.   
  • A thick layer of mulch regulates soil temperature. Keeps roots warm in the cold and warm in the cold.
  • Regulates moisture where it has been spread and prevents water from evaporating.

Free Mulch

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