The Ultimate Guide for Affordable Stump Removal

As the most affordable stump removal company in Dallas, we pride ourselves on providing affordable tree removal services for our clients, but what many people don’t know is that we also provide helpful information right here in our expert blog. One of the most popular questions we get is: what’s the best way to remove a tree stump?

There are several different techniques, some of which are easier than others. The DIY approach for stump removal can be very difficult and potentially dangerous, especially when using chainsaws, power drills, stump grinders, and stump removing solutions, and gasoline. This process can take weeks, if not months, making it very difficult to quickly reclaim that lost space. For this reason, most homeowners find that hiring our affordable stump removal service is the most efficient way to clear their property of any left over stump.

There are several methods homeowners like yourself and professionals can use to remove a tree stump, and here there are:

  1. Stump Grinding

Grinding a tree stump is the quickest and most thorough method of stump removal. A grinder can quickly dig into the ground, chewing away at the stump and roots anywhere from 6 to 24 inches deep. Grinding doesn’t just remove a stump, it demolishes it and turns it into wood, which can be then used for composting material.

A professional tree removal company like ours can complete the job in just a matter of minutes. The time it takes depends on the size of the tree and the power of the stump grinder.

Grinders can be rented at local improvement stores. If you enjoy working on your yard, then, by all means, go ahead and do it yourself. For many people, however, stump grinding is out of their comfort level, and we understand why. If you only have one stump to grind, it may be just as economical to hire our services than to rent a stump grinder to do it yourself. Plus, it’s always less dangerous for a professional to do the job.

  1. Hand Digging

Digging out a stump with a shovel is only practical for very small trees with small roots. Even small trees have roots that are tough to pull out using your hand tools. You’ll need to expose the roots before you can cut them. Once the roots are cut, then you can pull them out.

  1. Backhoe Stump Removal

Some stumps can be pulled from the ground using a backhoe. Beware, though, because using a backhoe is a disruptive way that can create a huge mess in your yard. Once the stump removal is complete, it needs to be disposed of, which can be a nightmare too.

All in all, the best way to remove a tree stump from your yard is with help from a professional tree company—someone who can get the job done in a safe, professional, and danger-free manner.

If you are looking for affordable stump removal services in Dallas, contact us today and let one of our tree removal experts assist you with your tree removal job. We are the experts and can advise the best plan of action for your current situation. Call 972-743-9959 for a FREE estimate today!

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Top 4 Spring Tree Branch Trimming Tips for Homeowners

Tree branch trimming and pruning are the two most requested services by homeowners during the spring, as everyone is looking to make their yards beautiful. Any tree trimmer knows they’re busiest during the warmer spring months. Many homeowners believe that established trees may be self-sufficient, but arborists don’t agree with this. Healthy trees don’t just miraculously take care of themselves. Trees are low-maintenance, but they do need maintenance. Tending to seasonal chores helps keep trees healthy and protects the landscape.

Homeowners looking for spring care tips for their trees can find what they are looking for in this blog.

  1. Clean up is needed.

Homeowners should kick off the season with a quick spring cleaning… for trees.

Homeowners should remove decorative left over holiday lights. Lights should never stay wrapped around the trees all year long. Those who forgot to bring them down should do so right now before they risk girdling growth.

When temperatures are warm, homeowners should remove wraps they previously place around the trunks. They should also rake and gather any debris that is found nearby the trees. This is very important, especially with trees susceptible to fungal diseases, which can grow with debris.

  1. Mulch needs to be applied.

A layer of much helps soil retain and suppresses weeds. It’s most crucial when caring for young trees or ones that have been on the ground for decades.

Homeowners should aim to add at least 3 inches of much around the tree but not on the trunk. Mulch piled against the trunk holds moisture and heat, which helps diseases, such as canker, gain easy access to the tree.

  1. Water is essential.

Homeowners should wait until soil thaws to tackle watering chores. Those who water soil while it’s frozen can create a runoff.

Homeowners should water trees located in areas where de-icing materials were used over the winter.

Even though the weather is beautiful now, homeowners should not allow trees to dry out. Homeowners will have to water several times if weather warms or if they have sandy soil.

Homeowners should also check their sprinkler system. It needs to be inspected, as well as the lines for leaks or clogs. Homeowners should look for puddling around the trees and adjust their sprinkler heads accordingly. Sprinklers shouldn’t spray water onto the foliage of trees susceptible to fungal diseases.

  1. Pruning is need.

The ideal time to prune most trees is during the dormant season (the winter) but trees can also be pruned during the spring and summer.

Homeowners can hire a company to remove dead, damaged, or broken branches in spring. Homeowners that are unsure whether a branch is dead should wait until the leaves fall out or call a local tree company. Dead branches are easy to spot once leaves unfurl.

Homeowners looking for tree branch trimming, pruning, or even tree removal to spruce up their yard this spring should contact a professional tree company to get the job done right.

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Don’t Miss Out! Expert Tips for the Best Spring Tree Care

tree cutting contractors

As the leading tree cutting contractors we not only provide regular tree cutting services but a wide range of other services that are perfect for spring. With the winter weather slowly fading away and the temperatures on the rise, it is important to keep tree care in mind. Doing some simple yet important tree maintenance in your yard can have a huge impact on the trees on your property.

To help with your landscape and greenery, our tree cutting contractors are going to show with you our favorite tips for spring tree care. Hurry up! Put them to action and get ready for a fabulous spring.

  1. Clean Your Entire Yard

The first thing you need to do for tree care is a quick yard cleanup. This means removing tree wraps or other protective features you might have used during the winter months. Raking and cleaning up the nearby areas of your trees is also very important. This will prevent the emergence of tree diseases that wintered over in the falling foliage.

  1. Do Some Pruning

The final weeks of winter or the first weeks of spring are actually the best time to prune deciduous plants. This is the best time for punning because the coldest winter days are long gone, and spring buds haven’t started to bloom just yet. When you prune during this time of the year, you can reap the benefits in the upcoming months. Trust us. As an added perk, you’ll be able to easily identify which branches need to go and which will stay. You will also be able to remove any potentially dangerous branches and shape your tree for future growth.

  1. Do Some Mulching

Mulching during the first few days of spring is actually great, as it helps your trees thrive. Mulching is the process of spreading organic materials such as wood chips or grass clippings around your trees. Doing this in the area surrounding your trees will enrich the soil and help them retain water and get more nutrients.

  1. Inspect Your Trees as Days Get Warmer

Running through a quick inspection checklist will ensure that your trees are not showing any signs of disease or damage. A few signs to look for include:

  • Broken or handing branches
  • Trees with hollow cavities
  • Trees leaning towards one side

If trees in your yard are displaying any of these signs, or if you are unsure whether your tree poses a risk to the surrounding area, contact our tree cutting contractors today. We are the experts and can advise the best plan of action for your current situation. Call 972-743-9959 for a FREE estimate today!

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2 Undeniable Reasons Commercial Tree Removal Is Important

Affordable tree removal services for commercial properties have become very popular in recent years. When someone thinks of tree stump removal service or tree maintenance services, they typically imagine the process taking place on a residential property. While it is certainly true that homeowners do invest a lot of money to prevent damage to their homes, lawn, and landscape—as well as to prevent the risk of serious injury or even death doing their own tree removal job or maintenance by themselves—owners of commercial properties are now also investing in tree removal services and regular maintenance.

When Are Tree Professionals Needed?

There are many reasons why owners of commercial properties will need a tree professional to completely remove or trim trees to prevent unnecessary damage to their property. Nothing is scarier than the risk of a heavy, full-grown tree falling or dropping a thick branch on a vehicle or worse yet person.

From a spreading disease to simple age or landscaping-induced drought, there are many things that can cause the need for a tree to be removed on a commercial property. The primary reason that business owners call for professional tree removal and maintenance services are dead or dying branches or visibly diseased trees. If there are one or more trees on the property itself with dead or dying branches or a lack of leaves, business owners should call a tree removal company ASAP.

Why Is Commercial Tree Maintenance a Must?

One simple word will describe this: Liability. Of course, there are a number of reasons, such as to improve curb appeal and functional use of the commercial space, which also requires maintenance of trees, as well as the removal of diseased, dead, or dying trees on the commercial property. Liability, however, is a huge factor. Business owners need to know of any dying tree on the property, as well as individual branches that pose a risk of falling and hurting something walking by.

In addition to posing injury to the staff and customers, those branches could potentially damage nearby buildings and parked cars on the property. Proper maintenance of trees and removal of those that pose a risk are the best ways to prevent unnecessary personal injury, or worst a lawsuit.

But, of course, curb appeal is also very important, especially if the company has customers and clients that come into the facility. Well-maintained trees that are nicely groomed definitely look more welcoming than dying or diseased trees with missing leaves.

Additionally, dead or dying trees or trees that have dead or dying branches can hugely impact the use of the outdoor space of the commercial property. Employees will not likely want to use the outdoor space out of fear a branch could potentially fall on top of them.

Business owners should never let dead or dying trees be part of their business landscape. They should seek out affordable tree removal services to prevent any damage to their business, as well as personal injury to persons passing by.


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Top 4 Dangers & Risks of Keeping a Tree Stump in Your Yard – Remove it!

If you’re one of the many people out there who doesn’t believe tree trunk removal is necessary, we’re sure you’ll change your mind after this blog. Tree stumps are not only a huge eyesore, but they take up a lot of space in your yard and pose several risks to you and yours. If you’re thinking about leaving a tree stump behind and skipping on tree removal services, you’re going to want to read this article to learn why that’s a bad idea.

Aesthetically speaking, the sight of a tree stump is very unappealing, but beyond that it also poses many risks and dangers. Read on to find out the risks associated with leaving a tree stump behind.

  1. Tree stumps attract pests.

Once a tree stump rots out, the wood then attracts pests. When this happens, the tree stump gets infected with beetles, ants, and termites that can potentially make their way to your property. While they might not cause troubles for your garden, they will cause problems to your home, especially termites. To help protect your home and property from wood-eating pests, take advantage of tree removal services and have that tree trump removed.

  1. Tree stumps are hazardous.

If you had a tree stump in your yard for a very long time, you might’ve grown accustomed to its presence and learned how to avoid it. However, visitors and neighbors don’t know there’s a tree stump in your yard. Tree stumps, especially those that are cut low to the ground, present a tripping hazard. Say you’re having a summer barbeque… guests who are not familiar with your yard might not see the tree stump and could end up falling and hurting themselves. Tree stumps can pose even greater hazards to young children and seniors, which is why you should consider tree removal services right away, especially if you plan on hosting barbeques and get togethers this summer.

  1. Tree stumps grow quickly.

It’s a common misconception that tree stumps die after they’re cut down. While this does happen from time to time, it’s common for trees to sprout new growth around them. While you might not think those young trees pose any problems, we want you to realize that those trees are sucking away your soil’s resources. An active tree stump is literally absorbing the moisture and nutrients that would have otherwise fed your lawn, garden, plants, and nearby trees, which is why you need to consider removing the tree stump right away to avoid harming the health of your other greenery.

  1. Tree stumps are a pain to move around.

Tree stumps left in your yard become an annoyance, especially when you must mow the lawn. How many times have you tried maneuvering around tree stump only to end up on top of it and destroying your lawnmower or weedwhacker? Now you have a headache and have to shell out extra money to have your equipment prepared.

Yes, you’ll spend extra money on the tree trunk removal, but it’s worth it in the end—that is if you enjoy having a beautiful landscape that poses no risks to your family and property. If you’re in need of tree trunk removal services in Dallas, do not hesitate to contact us right away. Call 972-743-9959 for a FREE estimate today!

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7 Tips to Find the Best Local Tree Services Near Me

Tree Services Near Me

Many homeowners often wonder, “How do I find the best tree services near me?” And that’s a fabulous question. How does one go about choosing the best tree trimmer for their job? And what are the necessary steps to avoid getting scammed? This article will share expert insight on how to get the best local tree company for the job.

  1. Insurance Policies

Homeowners should always ensure that the tree service they’re hiring has all the proper insurance coverage. The company needs to have liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. All certificates of insurance must be shown to the homeowner; otherwise, the company might not have them. If the company doesn’t have the proper insurance, they’re not covered in the event of an accident—meaning the homeowner is liable.

  1. Better Business Bureau

Homeowners must do some homework to ensure the company is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Although the BBB is not as strong as it used to be, being accredited with them is still a good indicator that the company is reputable.

  1. Long-Standing Reputation

It’s important to find out if the company has a long-standing reputation with the local community. The right tree company will have positive online reviews and in different places. Homeowners need to check if the company in question is a member of any reputation tree association. They should also check how long they’ve been in the business, if they have any complaints, and they should ask the company itself for references.

  1. Prices Too Cheap?

If prices seem too good to be true, that’s probably because they are. Everyone loves getting a bargain, but if the tree company is giving a very low price, it probably means they have no experience or don’t have the proper certifications or insurance policies to complete the project properly.

  1. Prices Too Expensive?

Similarly, if the price given by the tree company is too high, homeowners need to walk away. Everyone needs to beware of smooth-talking salesmen who tries to convince them to pay a lot more money than the job is worth.

  1. Multiple Estimates

Homeowners might be wondering, “How will I know if the price is too high or too low?” It’s recommended that homeowners receive several estimates from different companies. From these estimates, homeowners can compare and get a sense of the normal pricing. If possible, the homeowner should meet the company in person so they can get a sense of how they operate, their expertise, and their professionalism.

  1. Avoid Door-to-Door Contractors

Homeowners should never hire a door-to-door contractor to perform tree services. Door-to-door contractors are often con artists who travel from town to town praying on homeowners, particularly seniors. These contractors have no insurance or certificates to perform legitimate tree services.

Homeowners wondering, “How do I find the best tree services near me?” should remember these expert tips on their search to avoid getting duped.

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Discover the Top 3 Benefits of Tree Limb Cutting

tree limb cutting, tree limb cutting services

Are you looking for tree limb cutting services? If so, that probably means your trees are growing rapidly and in an uncontrolled manner. If that’s the case, you definitely should consider tree trimming services for your property. Tree trimming services are the most popular way to save the tree that could potentially damage your property with its rapid growth. For instance, when trees die, or their limbs become weak or rotted, this could cause hazards to your property or your family if one of those heavy branches falls off. Large bulging roots can also damage the concrete around your home. When any of these situations occur, you have no other choice but to invest in tree limb cutting services to prevent the risks caused by trees.

Now you might be wondering why you should invest in tree services when you can do it yourself, but the fact is, cutting limbs on a tree is not easy. If done incorrectly the branch might fall and damage your property or someone nearby. That’s not the only reason to hire a professional.

Here are just a few of the benefits of tree cutting services.

  1. Injury Prevention

Limb cutting, especially on large trees, requires the use of power tools to get the job done. If you’re not familiar with handling these power tools, you might harm and injure yourself. People who have been doing this job for years have the experience and practice to get the job done in a safe manner. They can finish the job without risking injury on themselves and your family and without damaging your property. They also have protective gear to ensure they do not fall while sawing branches at the top of the tree.

  1. It Saves Time & Money

In case you’re planning on doing the tree limb cutting yourself, you might want to reconsider. You will have to invest a lot of money renting tools. You not only save time by hiring a professional to perform the tree cutting but you save a lot of money too.

Overgrown trees can destroy your walls and sewers, and those repair charges are much greater than what you need to invest in cutting the limbs back to begin with. Hiring a professional tree cutting company will save you money, as they are affordable and offer great services.

  1. They’re Well Equipped to Perform the Job

If you go on and start cutting back limbs on your own tree, you might injure yourself in the process. Not being trained to cut branches or not having the proper equipment could be disastrous to you and your family. Hiring the right company could save you from mishaps, injuries, and property damage.

Cutting limbs on trees is a very risky job. No matter how easy you think the job sounds, tree limb cutting is no easy feat and should always be left to the professionals.

If you’re in need of tree limb cutting services in Dallas, do not hesitate to contact us right away. Call 972-743-9959 for a FREE estimate today!

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What Homeowners Must Know About Tree Trimmer Services

tree trimmer services

Tree trimmer services are needed every day by homeowners. When heavy branches hang over a home, they run the risk of falling and causing extensive damage to the property, while a tree that is slowly claiming territory on a part of the home runs the risk of causing mold damage on the siding. Furthermore, damaged or dead trees are unsightly and potentially hazardous during a heavy storm. For these—and many more—reasons, homeowners seek out professional tree trimming services. It is always advised to leave this type of work to the professionals who have years of experience trimming trees.

Here are a few considerations homeowners must keep in mind when investing in tree trimming services.

  1. The company should have credentials and insurance.

A tree company can do a lot of damage if the employees are not properly trained, so homeowners must check into the company’s credentials and insurance. The homeowner needs to know if the company is fully licensed. An unlicensed company presents a high risk and is a gamble. Moreover, operating a tree company without a license is illegal.

  1. The company must be fully insured.

A tree company without adequate insurance coverage is a company no homeowner should hire. Homeowners need to ensure that the company has liability insurance and worker’s compensation. Liability insurance guarantees that damages to the property or possessions are covered by the company’s insurance.

Worker’s compensation insurance protects the homeowner, company, and its employees by covering injuries that any employee sustains while working on the property. Additionally, it protects the homeowner from a lawsuit if anything should happen while the company is performing the job.

  1. The company should have referrals.

This one is common sense. Homeowners shouldn’t hesitate to ask the tree company for referrals from previous customers who had similar work done. Homeowners are entitled to know what to expect and how other people feel about their services.

Homeowners must know if a company has performed poorly in jobs in the past. It’s advised to check out Angie’s List to get the best referrals.

  1. The company must provide an estimate.

Homeowners should always get a written estimate of the job that is going to be performed. If the tree company is hesitant to give an estimate, they’re only interested in making a quick buck by charging additional fees for services the homeowner doesn’t want.

Deciding which tree company to go with can be quite a process. Homeowners searching for tree trimmer services should keep these four tips in mind before investing their hard-earned money.

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The Top 3 Benefits of Residential Tree Services

residential tree serviceMany homeowners seek out Dallas tree services to keep their trees healthy and vibrant. But there are also many homeowners who don’t know the importance of residential tree services to keep their trees alive and thriving. A yard decorated with healthy trees is something many homeowners would love to have yet don’t realize everything that picturesque yard entails. Trees might be soothing to take in every day, but there’s a lot of work that goes into keeping those trees healthy and alive. Pruning and regular trimming helps greatly in making sure trees remain healthy and well-structured.

In many cases, pruning and trimming can be done by a homeowner, provided he or she knows how to do it right. However, larger projects are best left to professional tree companies who can do the job properly and leave the tree in good shape and health.

However, aesthetic appeal isn’t the only reason to invest money in residential or commercial tree services. There are many benefits to this practice.

  1. Keeps the Trees Strong

By pruning and trimming off weak or undeveloped branches, stronger ones can grow, and there’s less chance for limbs to snap off or get crossed. Without enough space, branches can become brittle or grow in the wrong direction.

Homeowners also want to ensure that the trees are kept relatively symmetrical. This isn’t just for appearance sake but also for a sense of balance. If one size doesn’t grow as full as the other, the tree could potentially lean towards one side or towards a home or other structure.

  1. Trees Remain Healthy

Pruning and trimming dead branches is not only good for the tree’s structure, but it also promotes good health. The dead wood can get in the way of stronger branches, preventing them from getting all the light and air they need to survive. Also, if branches are growing too close together, they can end up competing for the same space and the same patch of sunlight.

With less natural elements to pass around, parts of the tree can become malnourished and weak. Regular pruning and trimming also helps get the air circulating throughout the tree.

  1. Property Values Rise

Whether it’s a home or a commercial property, trees that are regularly maintenance will make the property look more attractive. For potential homebuyers, this is the first impression they get. Homeowners want to ensure they’re set from the get-go so they can attract a buyer who will pay top dollar for their property.

Just like the tree itself, it’s important to have a sense of balance in the yard. If things are looking overgrown, lopsided, or mangled, it will deter people. Regular pruning and trimming will keep the landscape visually appealing, which will pay off in the end.

These are the top three benefits of residential tree services. Homeowners with large trees should always call a professional tree service to ensure the job is performed right.

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Top 4 Benefits of Tree and Shrub Removal Services

tree and shrub removal servicesProfessional tree removal services are one of the most important services a homeowner can seek out. Tree and shrub removal services are one of the most sought out services here at Chippers Tree Service. We provide this service to eliminate the risks posed by old trees. Doing the tree removal on your own can expose you to many unnecessary dangers, which is why you need to hire a professional tree removal company that can help you out in just a matter of hours. If you have dead trees or large bushes that need removed, there are several reasons why you should hire professionals to do the job for you. Read on to discover why.

  1. It Saves A Lot of Time

The fact that you don’t have the necessary equipment to perform the job correctly means you might spend more time than you need to. This is something you definitely don’t want to do if you already have a busy schedule. Hiring a professional tree removal company that has the equipment and expertise will save you a lot of precious time and energy. If you hire us, we’ll take care of the job for you in just a matter of hours, in a safe and effective way.

  1. It’s Cost-Effective

If you ask other homeowners why they don’t like to hire professional arborists, you’ll likely get the common answer that it’s too expensive. However, this is not true. Hiring professionals like ours is actually the most affordable route. It eliminates the expenses that can be incurred if you perform the tree removal on your own and run into problems, like a branch falling on top of your car, your home, or a powerline.

  1. It Prevents Injuries

All trees can be extremely dangerous not only for your property but your family members, as well. Hiring a professional tree removal company will protect you from such risks. Doing a tree removal on your own is never a good idea. Since you’ll be working with very sharp tools and heights, it’s best to leave it to the professionals who have experience performing tree and shrub removals on a daily basis and can do so in a safe manner.

  1. It Maintains Cleanliness

Cleanliness is next to godliness is a common saying that encourages homeowners to uphold a high level of cleanliness in and around their home. This can be difficult to achieve if you have old and dying trees on your property. If you want to keep your house and property clean, then you need to remove dead and dying trees, as well as dead shrubbery from your yard. The best way to do this is by letting a reputable tree removal company like ours do the job for you.

If you’re in need of tree and shrub removal services in Dallas, do not hesitate to contact us today. Call 972-743-9959 for a FREE estimate today!

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