Maintaining healthy trees requires a bit of effort on your part, but it’s worth it to keep these crucial environmental assets thriving. At Chippers Tree Service, a professional tree care service in Dallas, we offer a variety of aspects of tree care and removal including tree cabling and bracing to ensure that your trees thrive in the environment around you.

Our arborist is licensed to operate heavy equipment and work with certified experts, providing you with the best local tree maintenance services across Dallas. Here are some of the services we provide:

Tree Maintenance

Our crew has the skills and knowledge to work on the health of trees and make sure that they are kept in favorably beneficial conditions. We can effectively approach tree maintenance, keep up with regular and thorough care, get rid of any pests that can infest the trees, dress up the trunks, and ensure there is no disease or organic matter that may hamper the growth of the tree.

This ensures that trees remain strong and healthy in all aspects. We deal with numerous services that provide the proper maintenance of trees and garden landscaping services, you can now choose us as a solution to all your tree care needs.

Tree Pruning

At Chippers, our specialists know the significance of regular pruning and how important it is for the healthy growth of the trees. Moreover, our crew is also aware of what not to touch while trimming so that no damage is caused to the tree. We can deal with all kinds of trees, including exotic species, with ease. Equipped with the right tools and training, we ensure that our tree pruning services are delivered as promised.

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Poor or weak tree structure poses a significant danger to your business property, family, and home. These trouble spots are exposed to high winds, ice snow weight and high foliage, which causes them to weaken. At Chippers, we’re authorized to cable and brace trees throughout Dallas. If you need us to put cables around your tree, we can help you identify weak points and examine bark or large codominant stems, which can signal tree weakness that needs our professional services.

Stump Removal

Tree stumps left behind after removing a tree can cause severe issues in your yard. Not only do they leave a mess when it comes to aesthetics, but they also have the potential to cause injury if someone topples over them. At Chippers Tree Service, we have developed efficient methods to remove difficult tree stumps speedily. We can provide reliable, expert stump removal services by mobilizing a team of highly trained technicians and investing in the most advanced equipment.

Increase Curb Appeal

Trees and plants give the landscape of a place an appealing natural look. But the growth of pests in these greeneries will ruin this look. When it comes to removing pests from trees and their surroundings, we can exterminate them successfully without harming the trees.

When these pests already infect trees, we treat them to ensure that they are free from diseases that could harm other greeneries in the area. At Chippers, a treecare service in Dallas, we listen to your needs and offer solutions for your property that improve its ability to flourish, look healthy, and stay safe.

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