If you’re thinking about hiring professional tree cutting services, it’s essential to understand how pricing works before getting a free estimate. Pricing for tree removal is often a point of confusion for customers. And in many cases, the price tag can be intimidating when you’re investing in your property.

Chippers Tree Cutting Services offers competitive pricing for your tree removal needs. Our business is fully licensed and insured, while Workers’ Compensation covers all employees. We are experienced in a broad range of arboriculture jobs and prepared to ensure your satisfaction.

Below, we consider the factors that go into determining how much it costs to remove a tree:

Tree Size

Our team will determine the cost based on the size and type of tree. A tree service company like ours removes decayed or leaning trees with specialized tools, but the project’s requirements influence our chosen method. The traditional felling process works well when there is ample room and time.

However, we will use climbing or bucket truck removals if a structure is nearby. Because the price of removing a tree depends on its size and situation, we inspect your property before giving an estimate. We identify the species, the height and the condition of the tree to know what service you need, and which price fits your project.


Certain circumstances can dramatically increase the price of tree removal. The location of the tree is one such factor. For example, if it’s not in a tough spot, such as close to structures, then location will not drive up the cost. However, if it’s in a dangerous place or near houses, its location may prompt us to add tree removal crew training to our project’s expenses. We do so for liability reasons. This helps us remain in compliance with industry best practices and the law.


We take down trees of varying health and conditions. Some may be leaning, some may be dead, and some may have recently come down due to a storm. To quote work accurately, we first determine the tree’s health conditions. For instance, a tree in poor health must be cut into smaller pieces and removed by hand, which is labor-intensive, costing you a little more.

We recommend having multiple trees removed at once can be much more cost-effective than having them removed individually. That’s because it takes our team out there less time, which translates to lower costs for our customers.

If you are in the market for tree removal, look no further than Chippers Cutting Tree Service. Whether you have large trees dotting your property or need to remove several trees located on your residential lot, our business will make sure the work is done right and that your valued property remains safe throughout the process. At Chippers, we offer free estimates and are happy to answer any questions you may have about pricing.

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