Trees in the summer are beautiful. They provide shade, their bark and leaves change colors depending on the type of tree, and they’re fun to climb. Proper management and care will ensure healthy trees during the summer months. However, such practices are not always clear-cut. Whether it’s annual tree trimming or protecting the tree with a dusting of mulch, Chippers Tree Service in Fort Worth TX, can give your trees what they need to thrive throughout the year.

For almost 3 decades, Chippers Tree Services has been ensuring that trees are taken care of by providing quality service and information. We take a detailed look at every project and perform our services according to each customer’s needs. We don’t use one-size-fits-all tactics, ensuring that we meet your objectives as well as possible. Here are some summertime tips for your trees:


Improving your tree’s environment with fresh mulch will pay for itself in increased flower and fruit production. It will also help keep your tree healthy by protecting its roots from extreme temperatures, reducing the incidence of pests and disease, and keeping the soil evenly moist. Our mulching service & equipment works quickly, so landscaping projects go more smoothly. Unlike traditional tree removal companies, we don’t leave the debris on-site and remove it for recycling or disposal.


Pruning your trees in the summertime can have a lot of benefits. Mature trees require pruning every 1-3 months to help keep their form, shape, and health. By removing undesirable branches, you can encourage the tree to focus its energy on other parts, which will affect its overall health and appearance. If left unpruned, some branches may grow out of control and obstruct activity or enjoyment of your property. At Chippers Tree Service, we offer both summer and winter pruning services.

Tree Inspections

Your trees are unique, and with proper upkeep, you can keep them wholesome for years to come. Of course, every tree is different. They each have their own particular needs, so they will vary how you water and prune them. But note that different trees can succumb to diseases, pests, molds, and fungi. These things can rot your tree’s core out from within when left untreated.

Call Chippers Tree Service for prompt diagnosis of all tree ailments. We’re happy to provide tree inspections so you can count on the maintenance you need for your trees. If a problem is spotted, we give a detailed solution to get your tree back in its shape & health.

Our team members are fully insured with general liability and workman’s compensation. We handle tree problems quickly, efficiently and in the most cost-effective way possible. From storm damage to trimming trees for enhanced viewing of your property, we do it all!

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