Everyone loves trees in Fort Worth. They provide protection from the blazing hot sun, give a space for birds to roost, and even enhance the curb value of a house. Stemming from this, they can be overlooked at times. At Chippers Tree Service, we get called in too often for tree removal. Trees don’t need much. The annual mulching and pruning should do the job. You wouldn’t need a Fort Worth tree service for a long time with these helpful summer tree care tips. Trees in Fort Worth

Trim Your Trees

Pruning is the best way of keeping your trees healthy. If you missed the pre-spring pruning, this is the time to get those shears out. Alternatively, you can also call us to get the job done. In our experience, the best time to prune Fort Worth trees is late winters, just before the spring buds begin to show. However, many homeowners miss that time window.

The next best time is July. It’s vital that you avoid pruning during August and early fall. This may cause a new growth spurt and put tremendous strain on the tree during winters. Make sure you avoid lion’s tail pruning and tree topping. These are archaic practices that are only followed by amateurs now. These techniques often cause more harm than good. You should find a professional with an in-depth knowledge of a tree’s complex anatomy to get a proper trim.

Fertilize Them in the Summer Months

Trees need fertilizer too, like any other plant. This is particularly important for young trees that are still growing. The type of fertilizer you use doesn’t matter as long as it contains the right amount of phosphorous and nitrogen.

You can seek a tree care expert to analyze the soil condition and suggest other required nutrients. Many experts claim fall and spring to be the best months to fertilize. This is suitable advice if you have fruit bearing trees. For evergreens and deciduous trees, summer months are better.

Don’t Forget to Mulch Your Trees

Mulching is necessary for all trees, regardless of the type and age. There are several benefits to maintain. Stemming from this, mulching is particularly necessary during long Texas droughts. It keeps the moisture in and protects your trees from pests and diseases. Proper mulching should extend from the root flare to the drip lines and not go beyond 4 inches deep. Any more and the soil won’t have enough oxygen for the roots.

At Chippers Tree Service, we provide free mulching to all residents. You just need to ensure you have a proper drop-off area. We stay busy year-round helping Fort Worth residents with tree removal, grinding and pruning. This allows us to have a steady supply of wood chips. You can use this mulch to keep your trees in Fort Worth in good health.

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