Healthy and well-cared for trees can increase the value of your property. A fallen tree, on the other hand, is a costly mess that can cause damage to property and life. Who is responsible for calling the local tree removal service Dallas if a tree falls.

Who is liable if the tree injures someone or damages property? Many residents routinely ask us whether the cost of tree removal is borne by the tree owner or the property owner where the tree fell. Read on to find out.

Factors Contributing to the Tree Fall

There are several factors that need to be accounted for before placing liability for removal. There are certain factors that are out of control while others could have been avoided with proper care and due diligence.

  • Natural causes: High winds, hurricanes, snowstorms, and other unavoidable events.
  • Negligence: These refer to any instances where the tree was not taken care of properly. For instance, the branches were not pruned or the homeowner ignored signs of pest infestation and disease.

Owner of the Tree

Another important factor while applying liability is who does the tree belong to. This is not readily obvious, especially if there are multiple trees in the surrounding landscape. These are a few helping tips:

  • Yours: The tree belongs to you if the trunk grows within the boundary lines of the property. If the trunk is rooted on your property, the tree is yours. This is even if 80 – 90% of the tree is growing into the neighbor’s property.
  • Neighbor’s: The same rule is applicable here. If the trunk is rooted in your neighbor’s property, the tree is theirs and so is the responsibility to have it removed.
  • Shared: You and your neighbor share ownership if the trunk directly grows on the property line. This is also known as a boundary tree.

Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage

Homeowner’s insurance covers fallen tree removal in certain cases. However, this really depends on your insurance company’s regulations and discretion.

  • Coverage: Your homeowner’s insurance will probably cover the removal if it fell due to natural causes. In general, the insurance company covers 50% of any damage to a neighbor’s property. It’s assumed that the remaining 50% will be picked up by the neighbor’s homeowner’s insurance.
  • Not covered: Homeowner’s insurance will not cover the removal or damages if the tree fell because of negligence.

Can I Remove a Fallen Tree Myself? 

You should never attempt to remove a fallen tree on your own. This is a risky task and should be left to a professional tree removal service Dallas with experience. We have in-depth training, proper licensing, and specialized equipment to remove a tree safely. You may end up causing further damage to property or risking your life without the proper equipment.

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