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Tree pruning is a vital part of maintaining healthy trees and shrubs. At Chippers Tree Services, we are trained and certified to provide professional tree pruning services for all your landscaping needs. Our experienced arborists will evaluate your trees and shrubs and determine if they need to be trimmed or shaped or if they need to be removed completely.

We have extensive experience performing all types of tree work in residential and commercial settings throughout Dallas. In addition, we provide a full range of tree pruning services, including:
Basic Pruning

Removing dead wood from any part of the tree and thinning out dense areas to improve air circulation. Depending on the degree of damage, basic pruning could mean cutting out a few branches to give the tree some room to grow, or it could mean removing most of the branches from a large tree. It can also mean eliminating dead wood in other parts of the tree, such as at the trunk or in the middle of major limbs.


Removing large branches to improve sunlight penetration through the canopy, increase wind resistance, and reduce fire hazard risk. Thinning enhances several issues, including reducing wind damage, providing better distribution of water and nutrients, improving overall landscape appearance and maintaining tree form. Branches thinner than pencil diameter are trimmed flush with the trunk and wound-treated if needed. Larger branches are removed from the canopy without damaging other nearby branches or leaving stubs on the trunk.

Limbing Up

Removing lower branches also creates more sunlight penetration in the canopy, leading to healthier foliage and fruit production. In addition, training a tree’s natural shape can increase its resistance to pests and diseases that might stunt its growth. For this reason, we recommend limbing up as a preventative measure against specific issues that could harm the health of a tree over time.

Crown Thinning

We remove interior branches growing upward toward the sky to help open up the crown and make more light available to the lower limbs. This can improve photosynthesis, letting more of the sun’s energy reach lower leaves and increasing the tree’s growth potential. It also helps prevent overgrowth and water loss due to shading by allowing air to circulate through the crown.

Quality Tree Care for Your Home

With the proper tree care in place, your trees and shrubs can last for decades. Our team has been providing quality service for over 20 years, and we have built our reputation on the belief that it takes a lot more than just being able to cut down a tree to be successful in this business.
Whether it’s tree pruning services or removing them completely because they pose a safety hazard, we can handle all types of tree maintenance issues. We offer free estimates on all work performed by our experienced team of arborists. Call us today to schedule an appointment for an estimate!

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