Trees are an important part of the Plano community and their preservation is important in both private and public areas. In relation to this, there are a few regulations that you should be aware of as a homeowner. You should probably get tree removal services Plano take a look at your property if you want a tree removed. Article X or the Landscape and Tree Preservation Ordinance directs the investigation and prevention of illegal tree removals.
The Chippers Tree Services can help you identify the requirements applicable to your property and cut down a tree responsibly and legally.

Permit for Cutting Down Trees in Plano, TX

You don’t need a permit for removing a tree if you live in a duplex or a single-family property situated on less than 2 acres. Pertaining to this, the tree should not be of a protected species. Lots over 2 acres, vacant lots, and those with a structure that needs to be demolished require a permit. In addition, if your property falls inside of a planned development district, there will be different regulations from Article X.

Trees that Don’t Need a Permit

The tree removal services you use should be knowledgeable about the type of trees that require or don’t require a permit for removal. These tree species typically don’t need a permit for removal:
• Siberian Elm
• Silver Maple
• Chinese Tallow
• Arizona Ash
• Hackberry
• Black Willow
• Tree of Heaven
• Chinaberry
• Horse Apple
Trees with less than 8” diameter don’t need a permit for removal as long as they are not planted as mitigation.

Requirements for a Tree Removal Permit

Essentially, the tree removal services you hire should take care of the permit and any other legalities involved in removing the tree. To get a permit, you would need to fill out the Building Inspection Application or Tree Removal Application Form. You will also need to provide a Tree Survey along with a vicinity map. Other things that need to be included with the application are the Mitigation Plan of having the tree removed, location on the property, and species or caliper of tree. There is also a $100 fee associated with obtaining a permit.

What Does Tree Mitigation Mean?

Article X allows protected trees to be removed only when they are replaced on an inch per inch basis. For instance, if you remove a protected tree with a 10” diameter, you will need to plant other trees that add up to the same diameter. This is something that needs to be done on the same property where the tree was removed from. If the replanting is not feasible on the property, you can plant the inches within a mile of the removal site.
If you have decided to have a tree removed, you should not risk fines by doing it yourself. The Chippers Tree Service can be of help by getting the job done affordably, efficiently, and without any hassles.

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