Removing a tree is not an easy task and should only be undertaken by an expert tree removal professional. Many homeowners are curious about the cost of tree removal services Prosper, TX. In fact, it is the top question we get asked as a leading tree removal service provider. The truth is there are several factors affecting a tree removal quote, which have been described in detail in this post.

Height of the Tree

Tall trees require specialized care and tools to bring them down safely and efficiently. Taller trees also require more workers and involves the use of crane or ropes. Trees under 25 feet are usually considered small jobs while those going up to 75 feet or more are large jobs.

Type and Species

Certain trees are larger and more difficult to remove. For instance, oak is one of the hardest woods and requires expert tree removal. It can be time consuming even if the wood has decayed. Bur and maple can easily reach over 100 feet tall. There are a few trees, like palms that need to be handled in a special manner.

Health of the Tree

Dead, sick, and dying trees have an element of unpredictability. These are more difficult to remove. Decayed branches and trunk can suddenly crack, making it more expensive to remove. However, there are a few dead trees that can be easily removed because of lighter wood quality.

Location of the Tree

Tree removal cost depends a lot on the location of the tree. Easily accessible trees don’t require expert tree removal and can be brought down without any major hassles. Based on this, trees that are near power lines, structures, or plumbing need specialized care. These can be a little expensive to remove.


Homeowners can save on tree removal costs by arranging for the city to remove the pieces. You can save on the extra fees of cleaning and hauling away the branches by getting the city to do it for you.

Stump Removal

Stump removal and tree removal are in fact two different jobs. You can save on the overall cost by just having the tree removed and not the roots or the stump. You can convert the stump into a nice yard table or use it to add some rustic charm to your bushes. Moreover, you need to be careful about pest infestation and tripping hazards.

Emergency Tree Removal

A task is considered an emergency if it needs to be dealt with right away or after hours. Generally, an additional fee is charged to have a team at your doorstep during non-business hours. In relation to this, there are several cases where an emergency tree removal becomes necessary.
For instance, the tree could have become a hazard after a particularly strong windstorm. You should not delay in calling tree care experts if you think the tree has become a danger to your property and person.

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