Need Tree Cutting Services in Dallas? Here’s What You Must Know

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As the leading tree cutting service in Dallas, we know that sometimes tree pruning services aren’t enough and there’s no getting around having to cut down one of your beloved trees.  We’ve seen it many times and know this decision can be very difficult for many homeowners.  For instance, when your favorite tree in your backyard is showing signs of decay, then you know it’s time for the tree to be removed.  However, cutting down the tree can affect the surroundings, which is why it’s so important to hire a tree cutting service to get the job done right.  Tree removal is permanent, so you must get familiar with a few things beforehand.

1. Prioritize Safety Over Saving Money

Cutting a tree involves hazardous equipment used at heights.  It requires an expert to get the job done right.  Some municipalities might even require you to get a permit.  And in some cases, it is only be allowed to be done by a professional.  You must understand your tree’s specific species in order to obtain the right permit and have the job done right.

No matter how simple you think it is to remove a tree, you simply cannot climb a ladder, cut it, and think the job is done.  You must use the proper tools, the right safety measures, and have prior experience cutting trees.  Again, this is why you need an experienced tree cutting service to get the job done right.  You can’t put a price on your life or that of your loved ones.

2. Can the Tree Be Salvaged?

Proper tree pruning services are ideal to keep a tree healthy and alive.  However, if you neglected your tree and it’s showing signs of decay and weakness, then it might be time to remove it.  But how do you know if your tree is dying or not?  Contact Chippers Tree Service today and let us come take a closer look.  With the right effort, it’s possible to prolong the life of your tree.  And if it’s infected, we can treat the disease.

3. Consider the Surroundings

Trees provide valuable shade for your home.  They beautify your home and bring Mother Nature to your surroundings.  You can’t put a price on a tree, so before you decide to have it cut down, you must first know how its absence will affect your home.  Consider how other trees and plants will be without your tree.  You aren’t the only one that benefits from your tree.  Other areas might have less shade and more wind without your tree.  Your yard’s overall aesthetics will suffer and you will have an empty spot in your backyard.

4. Know the Costs Involved

Tree cutting services vary from company to company, but usually start in the $1,000+.  It all depends on the size, trunk diameter, and obstructions that need to be overcome to get the job done right.  Beware that besides the actual tree cutting service, you might have to pay tree cutting removal or stump removal services.  Extra services will increase the total bill.  Stump grinding, chipping, and hauling are a few things to consider.

5. Dead Trees Can Serve a Purpose

Just because your tree need to be removed doesn’t mean it can’t still help your yard and serve a purpose.  You can transform your dead tree into a plant-saving mulch, benches, tables, or other yard ornaments.

Do you need tree cutting services in Dallas or Fort Worth?  Contact our tree trimming professionals and let us assist you today.  Call today for a FREE estimate.

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Cutting a Tree? Follow These Expert Tips & Techniques

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As the leading tree cutting company in Dallas, we know how important it is to seek out tree cutting services yearly.  However, some people decide to do the job on their own.  But cutting down a mature tree can be very dangerous, so you should handle it properly and with the right equipment.  If you can’t hire a professional and must do it yourself, then you want to follow our expert tree cutting tips and techniques to ensure the job gets done safely and smoothly.

Tree Cutting – Get the Right Equipment

Before you even begin to learn the techniques of tree cutting or trimming, you must you must first have the proper equipment to ensure the job is done right.  Your equipment should all be in good working condition and tested before you attempt tree cutting on your own.  Today, we’ll cover all the main pieces of equipment you will need to cut down a mature tree in your yard.

  • A Chainsaw: This is the most important piece of equipment you’ll need. The chainsaw should work properly and have a 20 inch bar.  The bar length indicates the depth of the blade, which means it will be able to penetrate up to a 20 inch round tree.
  • Safety Glasses: Here at Chippers Tree Service, we’re all about safety, which is why we want you to wear safety glasses when performing your job. When you cut into a tree, you’ll have flying debris and you don’t want it getting into your eyes.
  • Leg Protection: Did you know that your tree has knots inside its roots? Well, now you know.  But those knots can be very dangerous when you’re cutting a tree.  The saw can kick back and amputate your leg, which is why you need to wear heavy leg protectors.  This kind of risk alone is why it’s always best to leave this kind of job to the experts.
  • 1,000 LB Rope: The rope should be three times longer than your tree. This is used as safety backup.

Now that you have the proper equipment out of the way, it’s time to take a look at the expert techniques you’re going to follow to get the job done right.  Not only will these tips help you direct the fall of the tree, but they will also serve as backup if something goes wrong.  While we don’t recommend you cut a mature tree on your own, if you decide to do it yourself, then you want to follow this helpful advice.  You should have assessed your tree to ensure it won’t fall near your home, neighbors, or pedestrians.

Follow these expert techniques if you’re performing tree trimming yourself.

  • Determine how tall your tree is.
  • Based on its height, figure out where you want it to fall.
  • Clear the area where the tree is going to fall so nothing gets damaged.
  • Tie one end of the rope (3 times longer than the height of your tree) to a nearby mature tree that is strong.
  • Hand one end to a friend and have them stand outside of the fall zone.
  • Cut a V-shaped notch into the tree on the side you want it to fall.
  • The notch should be knee height.
  • Move to the other side of the tree and start cutting until the tree meets the notch.
  • When the tree starts to fall, walk away from the tree.
  • If the tree doesn’t fall, have your friend pull the rope.

We highly recommend you never cut a mature tree on your own, as it’s a VERY dangerous job.  With that being said, our tree cutting services are the safest route to go.  If you’re looking for reputable tree trimming companies in Dallas, we’re the company that will get the job done right and at an affordable price.  Don’t put your safety at risk, contact us today for your FREE estimate.

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Tree Cutting Services Dallas

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It’s Time to Learn the Ultimate Tree Trimming Tips

As the leading tree service in Fort Worth Texas, we have some tree trimming tips and techniques for you to properly care for and trim trees of all types and sizes.  But do you know the basics of tree trimming and pruning?  You might be pretty hand and able to take on different jobs around the yard, but when it comes to tree trimming, you must know certain tricks and techniques to get the job done right.  Tree trimming is an art, similar to cutting hair.  With the right knowledge and equipment, you’ll be able to trim your trees and leave them looking healthy and beautiful—and most importantly, eliminate any type of dangerous situation.

While there are many tips and tricks floating around, if you want to do the job yourself, then you need to listen to the leading tree service in Fort Worth, Texas.  After all, we have been in business for many years now.  However, if the job is too risky, you need to think twice about doing it on your own and simply let the experts take care of the job for you.

Reasons to Trim or Prune Your Tree

Generally, trees are trimmed for many reasons.  Clients turn to our tree service in Fort Worth, Texas when they want their trees to look beautiful and for safety and health reasons.

  • For Aesthetic Reasons: Pruning a tree effectively will help it maintain its overall appearance. However, you should never trim a tree until something is not meant to be.  A tree must maintain its natural shape and size.  If you trim it too much, you could damage the tree.
  • For Safety Reasons: Dead or broken branches must be cut off to prevent accidents. If you notice that branches are about to fall or they’re getting too close to your home, they should be trimmed right away.  Also, tree limbs and branches occasionally grow too close to powerlines.  If this is happening, do not attempt to trim them on your own.  This is a dangerous job—life threatening.  Contact the leading tree service in Fort Worth Texas, Chippers Tree Service, and let us take on this dangerous job for you.
  • For Health Reasons: Sometimes it is impossible to save a tree from getting infected, but trimming and pruning your tree effectively can prevent the infection from spreading throughout the tree.

Expert Tree Pruning & Tree Trimming Tips

If you’re looking to prune your tree, you need to follow our expert advice to get the job done right.  Today, Chippers Tree Service is going to show you the expert tips and techniques you must keep in mind.

  • Keep lateral branches as even as you can, especially if the tree is young.
  • Prune the branches that are too close to other branches or rubbing against each other.
  • Never remove more than ¼ of the crown. If you do, you could kill your tree.
  • Trim away branches that are too close to pedestrian walkways, but don’t remove so much that you kill the tree.
  • Only remove the crown of the tree if you must.
  • Always cut outside the branch bark ridge and angle your cut away from the stem to ensure you don’t damage the branch.

How Much Is Tree Trimming?

If you want your backyard to look beautiful, you need to have your trees trimmed at least once or twice a year, possible more.  Here at Chippers Tree Service, we are the experts in tree trimming and pruning and will ensure we remove dead and broken limbs to keep your tree healthy for many years to come.  The costs of tree trimming services will vary, but we would be happy to give you receive a FREE estimate.  Contact us today and let us help you with all your tree trimming needs.

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The Ultimate Tree Trimming Guide: Everything You Must Know

Here at Chippers Tree Service, we’ve been providing tree trimming in Dallas for many years and know how important it is to keep your trees trimmed and healthy.  Trees serve many functions and can make the outside of your home look beautiful.  Having trees around your yard can provide you with plenty of shade, a place to hang a swing, a cool spot to build a tree house for your children, and provide a wonderful oasis just observe beautiful Mother Nature.  With as much as trees can add to your home, you can see why you need to maintain them properly all year round to prolong their lifespan.

In our many years of operations providing tree services in Dallas, we know that not all homeowners know how to properly trim and care for their trees.  Today, we’ll release the ultimate guide to properly trimming trees.

Why You Need to Trim Your Trees

Trees must be trimmed or pruned on a regular basis.  It is during this time that some branches must be trimmed back or cut off to ensure the overall health of the tree and your family’s safety.  There are countless reasons tree trimming is vital, not only to maintain your yard but for safety reasons, as well.  Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of tree trimming.

  • Safety: Removing branches that are hanging close to your home is the number one reason for tree trimming, and it’s the number one reason clients seek out our tree services in Dallas.
  • Tree Health: Pruning and trimming dead branches can help the overall health and vibrancy of your tree. Regular trimming encourages your trees to grow stronger.
  • Aesthetics: Trimming a tree can help accentuate its beauty and improve the production of flowers and fruit.

How Often Is Tree Trimming Needed?

Here at Chippers Tree Service, we encourage customers to trim their trees at least twice per year, but it’s important to do it with the change of the season.  But if your tree is growing rapidly, then you might want to do it more often.  If your tree is causing any of the following problems, you need to get it trimmed.

  • The tree has grown close to sidewalks, vehicles, your home, or other structures.
  • A storm has caused limbs to fall or they’re close to falling.
  • The tree’s growth is threatening your home, your neighbor’s property, or public safety. If this is the case, it is important to contact a tree trimming Dallas company right away to prevent any disasters.

Do It Yourself Tree Trimming

If you decide to take on the hard challenge of trimming your tree on your own, it is important to keep safety as your number one priority.  The best way to do this is to hire a tree trimming company in Dallas that has the experience needed to take on the job and do it right.  However, if you decide to do it on your own, make sure you follow the size guide to determine whether or not it’s safe to cut the branches.

  • If it’s under 5 centimeters in diameter, then go ahead and trim it.
  • If it’s between 5 and 10 centimeters in diameter, then you might want to think about it.
  • If it’s greater than 10 centimeters, contact a trees services company to do it for you.

Once again, if you have any doubts about doing the job yourself, it’s best to consult with an experienced tree trimming service in Dallas.  Here at Chippers Tree Service, we have years of experience providing tree services in Dallas and will ensure the job is done properly to ensure everyone’s safety.

Overall, yearly trimming is a must to keep your tree healthy, your yard looking sharp, and your family and home safe.  If you are in need of tree trimming in Dallas, contact us today for a FREE estimate!

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The Best Time for Tree Pruning is Winter

The Importance of Tree Pruning in the Winter

Winter is the best time for tree pruning. By fall and winter, most leaves have already fallen and the tree structure is exposed. With a direct sight line to the tree’s interior growth habits, it is easier for us to identify any structural problems so that we can prune accordingly in the winter.

There are many benefits of tree pruning. As the leading tree pruning company in Dallas-Fort Worth, we know there are many factors involved that you need to consider. How close is your tree to your home, a building, walkway, or power lines? What condition is your tree in? Are there any defects present? What functions does the tree provide your home and property? Is the tree too dense? Does it need reshaping?

Tree pruning will alter the way your tree grows; therefore, it needs to be done by a professional with a lot of experience pruning trees.

Reasons to Prune Your Tree During the Winter Months

Pruning is essential to remove dead or dying branches so the tree can grow back vibrant and healthy the next spring. Virtually any tree can benefit for occasional pruning and periodic cleaning. Pruning your trees will also prevent branches from falling to the ground, which could cause accidents and property damage. Bigger limbs could also fall on walkways, cars, or power lines, which is why it’s vital to prune your trees.

Trees and shrubs serve a specific purpose in landscaping. For example, pruning your hedges will keep the appearance of your home and property looking sharp and appealing. Pruning can also improve the size of the tree and improve and prolong its life, which will enhance the overall appearance of your home and curb appeal.

Winter Is the Perfect Time for Tree Pruning

Pruning during the winter months is essential because trees have already lost their leaves, allowing for a direct sight line to the structure of the tree. Pruning during the winter will ensure a vigorous burst during the following spring. Tree pruning is also less stressful on the tree during the winter months.

Tree pruning should be left to a skilled expert with years of experience pruning trees. Just as you wouldn’t work on your tooth on your own, you shouldn’t prune your trees on your own. If you are looking for tree pruning services, we’re the leading tree pruning company in Dallas-Fort Worth and are ready to assist you with your tree pruning needs. Call us at (972) 743-9959 for a free estimate today.

If you need tree pruning services in Fort Worth, Dallas or surround areas don’t waste another day. Our team is ready and eager to provide you professional tree pruning services, so call us right away. Call us at (972) 743-9959 for a free estimate today.


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Top 5 Reasons for Tree Stump Removal Services

In the market for tree stump removal services? When you hire a professional to remove a tree from your backyard, they are most likely going to leave its stump behind. It is up to you whether to remove it or leave it be.

You might be pondering whether tree stump removal is worth the investment. And you’re probably questioning what damage a tree stump could potentially cause. If you are having a tough time deciding whether or not to have a tree stump removed from your yard, here are a few things you want to keep in mind.

1. Stumps Don’t Look Good

Aesthetically speaking, a tree stump is not pretty. And it certainly will not add any curb appeal to your home. If you are someone who is meticulous about their yard and property, then removing the stump is definitely worth it. Stump removal costs aren’t as high as you might imagine. And take it from us, it sure beats having to look at that ugly and out of place tree stump in your yard every day.

2. Tree Stumps Can Be Hazardous

Beyond looking out of place, tree stumps can be dangerous to you and your family, especially to your little ones. When your children are running around and playing in the yard, they could trip over the stump, causing them injuries. Tree stump removal costs are well worth it to protect your family. And think about how much a lawsuit will cost you if one of your neighbors trips over the stump in your yard. Tree stumps can also cause a lot of damage to your lawnmower.

3. Stumps Can Grow Again

A lot of times, leaving a tree stump behind means new sprouts in the future. Little trees tend to pop up where the stump is located, which will be unsightly to your yard and landscape. You might think that chemicals will kill the stump, but unfortunately it’s not that easy. If you need tree stump removal services, it’s best to turn to the professionals with years of experiencing removing unsightly and hazardous tree stumps.

4. Stumps Harbor Insects

When you leave a tree stump in your yard, the decaying of the stump will take a long time. But while it’s decaying, it will harbor insects such as termites, beetles, and ants. And because the stump is in your yard, these insects could potentially travel into your home, causing you more damage and stress.

5. Tree Stumps Take Up a Lot of Space

If you don’t have a spacious yard, a tree stump will surely take up a lot of your precious yard space. You could use the space where the tree stump is located to enhance your small yard’s appearance with an inviting picnic table, grill, or beautiful flower pot.

Are you looking for tree stump removal services in Dallas-Fort Worth? Let Chippers Tree Services provide you with a tree stump removal quote to finally get rid of the unsightly stump that’s been bothering you. It will certainly be a worthy investment for you and your family. Tree stump removal costs are well worth it compared to the damage or injuries it could cause you and your family and your visitors. Call us at (972) 743-9959 for a free estimate today.

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Choosing a Local Tree Service Company

4 Essentials for Choosing a Local Tree Service Company

Thinking about hiring a local tree service company? Then you want to read this. When you have heavy branches dangling near your home, you risk the chance of one of them falling and causing extensive damage. A tree that is claiming territory near your home can also create nasty mold on your home’s beautiful exterior and siding.

As the leading local tree service in Dallas and Fort Worth, we know that damaged or dead trees can be hazardous, especially during a heavy storm. For this reason (and many others), you might be considering hiring a local tree service company to examine the trees around your home. Today, our Dallas tree service professionals will show you how to choose the right tree service company to do the job.

1. Check Out Their Credentials & Insurance

When hiring a local tree service company, you want to ensure the employees are properly trained, which is why it’s so important to look into the company’s credentials and figure out if they are licensed and insured.

You don’t want an unlicensed company to do work around your home, as you risk the chance of damage around your property. It is a gamble you shouldn’t take. Take it from us, the leading tree service in Dallas-Fort Worth.

2. Look Deeper into the Insurance

A tree service company without insurance is a company you don’t want anywhere near your home or yard. You must ensure that the company you deal with has liability insurance and worker’s compensation.

Liability insurance will cover you if there is any damage to your home, and worker’s compensation will protect you and the company’s employees in case there is an injury on the job.

As the leading Dallas tree service company, we are fully insured to protect you and everyone involved.

3. Ask Them for Referrals

This one is common sense. You never hesitate to ask for referrals when you hire a contractor to work on your home, so why not ask for referrals from the local tree service company you’re about to hire? You are entitled to know what to expect from the company you’re hiring, and you want to hear about other people’s experiences with them.

4. Get an Estimate

It goes without saying that you should ask for an estimate from the company you’re about to hire. And we also urge you to hire a company that provides it in print. If the local tree service company doesn’t want to give you an estimate, or provides you one scribbled on a napkin or piece of paper, then they are not a reputable and professional company. When prospective clients search for tree services in Fort Worth and the Dallas area, we are happy to provide them with a professional estimate. After all, we want our clients to know what goes into the entire job and what they can expect from us.

It is important to hire a reputable local tree service company with years of experience handling any size tree service jobs. We cater to residential and commercial properties and will ensure the job is done the right way. Call us at (972) 743-9959 for a free estimate today.

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Vital Questions to Ask the Tree Service Company Before You Hire

As the leading local tree service company in Dallas-Fort Worth, we know there are some jobs that are just too big and dangerous for everyday people to complete. Many tree services require a professional to take care of the job. Our rule of thumb here at Chippers Tree Service is that if you cannot work with both feet on the ground, you should hire a professional tree service company to handle it for you.

Here at Chippers Tree Service, we know how dangerous it can be to work on a ladder. When a job requires involves heights, you need a professional with years of experience and proper training to perform the job. There are many risky things that come into play, including powerlines, wildlife, fences, buildings, and neighboring homes and properties.

Of course hiring a tree service company also comes with its own risks. You need to hire a professional and reputable company to protect your home and property. If you are looking for local tree services and are about to hire a local company, here are the most important questions you want to ask them before you hire:

1. Do they have an up-to-date certificate of insurance?

This is the most vital question to ask to ensure your own protection. You want to ensure that the company that is doing the job is properly insured and that you will not be liable for any damages or accidents.

2. Do they have credentials?

Before hiring a tree service company to work on your property, you need to find out if they have the right credentials.

3. Do they have references?

Any successful tree service company will have referrals and will not mind sharing them with you. Ask them to provide past customers so you can get a feel for how they operate.

4. Do they provide estimates for local tree services?

Any reputable company will give you a written estimate for the job that is about to be done. Here at Chippers Tree Service, if we do not complete what is written in our proposal, we do not expect our customers to pay. We urge you to beware of smaller so-called tree service companies that ask you for a partial payment before the job is done. This is something we would never do.

5. How long with the project take?

This question should be explained in the estimate the company provides you. This is why it’s so important to receive a professional estimate.

6. Do they appear professional?

What does the company’s vehicle look like? Is the truck clean and well cared for? Do the employees curse, smoke cigarettes, or seem careless around your property? Do they have a professional website? Does the website have referrals and feel inviting? Can you see pictures of previous jobs? Do they give you an idea of how they operate?

If you’re in need of local tree services, it is important to protect yourself and your property by hiring a professional and reputable tree service company. Just because something initially sounds cheap doesn’t mean it’s going to be cheap in the end. After all, it could end up costing you thousands of dollars more down the road.

If you are in need of any kind of tree service in Dallas-Fort Worth, contact Chippers Tree Service. We are a family-owned and operated company with more than 30 years of combined experience providing quality work at affordable prices.

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Stump Grinding Services

Does Your Tree Stump Have You Stumped? If so, you need stump grinding services.

Your yard is your haven – a sanctuary for morning coffee, a nest for a calm afternoon reading or a retreat to kick back for a cold one after work. Whatever your preferred mode of solace, your yard is a valuable part of your home and your day. Don’t let a pesky tree stump interrupt a leisurely stroll through the garden again!

Not to mention the relief you’ll feel when you don’t have to mow around that silly stump ever again. Whether you’ve recently cut down a tree on your property or have been meaning to get rid of that existing stump for years, Chippers Tree Service is the obvious choice when dealing with obnoxious stump emergencies such as these.

How do we do it you might ask? Stump grinding is the most common and affordable route for removing a tree stump. With state of the art equipment and countless successful stump grinding services completed over the years, Chippers is the pick of the litter when determining the right tree service for you. If you’re in or around the Dallas, Fort Worth – Metroplex area contact Chippers Tree Services.

The stump grinding service goes like this: If you’re wishing to replant grass over the stump, do some light gardening or another project that does not require much deep space, Chippers will grind your stump down accordingly. The protruding stump will be reduced down below grade level.

For those of you that would like to plant a tree in the stumps place, or perhaps increase space for flowerbeds or a vegetable garden, deep stump grinding would be the best fit. Chippers has performed innumerable stump grinding services for contractors, nurseries and homeowners in the Dallas, Fort Worth area.

The use of state of the art equipment allows your stump grinding to be done right the first time! Our machines are portable and small enough to fit through a standard backyard gate.

Also, the mulch produced by the grinding can be used to fill in the vacancy where the stump once was. You can even use it as compost for your flowerbeds. If you’d like it hauled away, Chippers’ courteous staff is happy to do that as well.

Backed by the Better Business Bureau, 75% of our clients are returning or referred by other loyal customers! Not to mention the five-star ratings on Angie’s List. If you’re looking for a tree service in the area, your search ends with Chippers and a job well done!

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Tree Removal Companies – Chippers Tree Service

tree removal companies, dallas, fort worth

Do you have a problem-tree heckling you to be dealt with? Has your tree become overgrown or unruly and you are searching for tree removal companies? If you have a tree in the Dallas Fort Worth area and need tree removal – Chippers Tree Service is here to get the job done.

Whether your tree is deceased, obstructing new construction, even potentially dangerous, Chippers is more than qualified to assist you in eliminating the problem. We have a skilled crew with over 30 years of combined experience.

Tree removal is only one of the services that Chippers provides. Even if you have healthy trees, not in need of removal, there’s plenty of work to be done there too! Tree trimming is the most common maintenance done to trees because it can help provide a wealth of shade, keeping your property cool throughout the summer heat.

A properly maintained tree can even add value to your home or business as well. Regular tree trimming guarantees that you’ll meet city and neighborhood regulations and help you if you ever sell your home.

Tree trimming is recommended not only for the sake of beauty, but to reduce the risk of future problems that may occur by letting a tree go too long without maintenance. For example, if the tree’s branches are getting too large and too close to a house there is a potential risk of it damaging the house or people passing. We suggest an inspection every two years.

How long has it been since your trees have been trimmed? If the right precautions are taken to keep your trees in check, you’re saving your property and your pocket.

With frequent attention you can catch rot, control overgrowth, limb breakage or you name it! We are dedicated to keeping your trees healthy and to keeping you happy.

Chippers stands out from other tree trimming companies because we value our customers and their experience. All too often, in the industry a company can take advantage of a client by requiring payment before services are rendered.

On the other hand, with under a proposed cost of $2,000, Chippers requires no upfront payment. If the work done is unsatisfactory or incomplete, Chippers does not expect you to pay for the job! You will be refunded and/or discounted accordingly. We make sure all of our clients are happy with our services.

When looking for tree removal companies in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, Chippers Tree Services is the most efficient and thorough choice!

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